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Getting a baby sister is a pretty big deal in our house- Denver will have two sisters to look after and Ray is getting a promotion. Knowing there will be SO much attention on the new baby, I want to make sure the girls are feeling the love and getting something special when the baby arrives.

I put together gifts that each girl will get from the new baby! I always have a blast putting these together, so I wanted to share whats going inside! Here is what Denver got when Ray was born. It was honestly a lot for her because she was so young so I wanted to keep it simple with things I know they would love and a couple things to keep them busy.


I started with the Custom pouches from Eden and Emeralds. Baby girl has one too that I will bring to the hospital, so I thought it would be fun for the girls to have their own little bag. I love the inside of these pouches and wanted to bring the color on the outside, so I made a couple tassels to attach to the zipper.

I also put an Eden and Emeralds patterned pouch in each one to hold some tiny treasures.  I will fill those with some Sugarfina candies, a Ryan and Wren clip and probably some pink confetti and celebrate baby girls arrival. The tiny bag is an activity in its self, the girls love little things and a place to carry it all.


They are both getting a new tshirt from Kal & Co, reading Big Sister and Biggest Sister, I thought they were too cute to pass up- and I know they will proudly wear these all the time!

Each girl will also get a little notebook and a fun crayon. I found a set of notebooks from Anthropologie and the COOLEST custom crayons by Art 2 The Extreme on Etsy. I did their initial in pretty colors. They’ll love having something to draw on, and it will be a fun activity in the hospital.

Last but not least, both girls will get a new Slumberkins. They already have a couple of the Slumberkin animals and they have proven to be a favorite. I chose to get them the fox which helps with family change, the perfect occasion for Mr. Fox. The colors and texture are so dreamy, I know they’ll be snuggling these for a long time!

Thats it! I know they will be totally ennammered with a new baby, but a getting them a little something extra will counter the lack of attention!



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