St. Patrick’s Day

It wasn’t too long ago St. Patrick’s day meant green beer and Irish car bombs. This year- lucky charms and mom buns- and I’m NOT mad about it!

I always do holiday hints around the house, and I just loved the girls’ festive book nook this March- the Pearl and Jane garland is PERFECT!

Other than that it was a lot of lucky charms and festive treats. I got the cutest rainbow plates and green and gold cups from Ellie and Piper boutique, a couple of green clips from Ryan and Wren and there you have it! (Maybe I’ll do the whole leprechaun trap next year 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Yesterday, we did cinnamon rolls with festive sprinkles- that were consumed too quickly to capture. We all planned to go to the parade but none of us were up to it. #pregnant

Hope you all have a festive day ☘️🌈✨

Xo, Kelsey

Green smoothies recipe

2 Bananas

Vanilla Greek yogurt


Orange juice

Top with whip cream and lucky charms

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