Bumpdate {31 Weeks} with MyRegistry

I feel like I’m going to have some serious explaining to do when baby girl sees her baby (bump) book  in comparison to her sisters. I think I’ve taken like 5 photos of this growing bump, I documented weekly with the other two, sorry kid. Life has been CRAZY to say the least, between working, moving and the girls- this pregnancy has taken a backseat and I’m starting to feel it.

Now, my body is screaming at me to rink more water and relax as a reminder that I am 31 weeks pregnant. (When did that happen?). I cannot believe I am in my third trimester and less than 10 weeks away from having THREE children. OMG.

Anyway, rant over. I wanted to hop on and talk a little about what I am registering for this time around. I realize by baby number three you should have everything you need (which we pretty much do), but it’s nice to get a few new things for the babe (plus certain things only have a life span of one child if you ask me). So that’s where this baby girl hit the jack pot- all the BEST stuff, because let’s be honest, third time around, I know what she needs!


When I was pregnant with Denver, registering felt overwhelming. I never knew where to start and what to get. But as I have for all my babies, I registered on MyRegistry.com and they make it EASY. MyRegistry is my FAVORITE place to have everything registered for  and it’s where I send all expecting mama’s to make their registries. Here are a few reasons I love them…

  1. Its SO easy to use. I have the app on my phone, so I am constantly visiting the registry to make sure it has everything I need. I can favorite my favorite items, which I know as the shopper makes the process of buying SO much easier. PLUS, in your phone settings you can set MyRegistry as one of the places to share things to, which means it takes about 2 clicks to add any item, from any website to your registry. Which brings me to reason #2
  2. MyRegistry makes it possible to register from ANYWHERE. If you know me, you know I am a small shopper. I like to buy things from small shops on Etsy, little shops I find on Instagram, and of course, Anthropologie. I love that her nursery can be filled with hand made, one of a kind items. Don’t get me wrong, I also have things from Amazon and Target on there- but everything can live in ONE PLACE! That way, when someone asks you only have to send them to one sire and they can see everything you want. I always wished I knew about this when Danny and I got married, because I really wanted everything from Anthro, but Anthropologie didn’t have a registry back then.
  3. I can’t say enough how used friendly the app and site is. I really love that I can adjust my items within the app. Once I add everything I want, I can put it in a certain order that I want everyone to see. Not only can I favorite my favorite things, but I can put them on the top of the page! ‘Cause let’s be honest, the diapers and wipes can live at the bottom (no pun intended). Plus, Everytime you add an item you can put in all the specifics: size, color, price, etc. I love too, that I can add a note on the item, giving myself a place to tell someone why I love the item, or include a discount code they can use at check out!

I worked on a BIG registry post when I was pregnant with Ray. This post covered all the basics from clothes, feeding, sleep- you name it! Check out that post for the in-depth coverage! But for now, I will tell you what I want in a smaller form, and my favorite shops as a three time girl mom!

I’ve broken it down into different categories than I did last time. Snuggle, Soothe, Sleep, Sanity and Style…


S N U G G L E 

Sleep Sacks: I cannot say enough good things about the Candy Kirby Designs knotted gown. First of all how gorgeous are all of those colors? These are absolutely PERFECT for late night diaper changes and for keeping baby feeling swaddled without the blanket. I have 3 leftover from Ray, which I will definitely use again, I registered for a few more colors and only in the NB or 0-3 month size. I like to keep them in the smaller size for a couple of reasons. She has PLENTY of room to grow in the smaller size, I found they lasted a long time. And I noticed as she got older and more wiggly, the sleep sack was less effective, and I wanted her to be able to move her legs.

Blankets: With both girls I ended up with hundreds of the muslin blankets. They are all so cute, and everyone says they are light weight, blah, blah, blah. I’m not the biggest fan. I still end up registering for a few because they are too cute not to have, like this rainbow one from Clemintine Kids is a MUST. But the girls and I like a softer, stretchy material when it comes to blankets. We have (2 of the 3) stripped blankets from Candy Kirby Designs, they feel like BUTTER. They are perfect for swaddling and big enough that Denver still uses her to sleep. They are the only blankets the girls use. I also registered for the new swaddles from Solly Baby, I’ve heard they are the same material and the color are so dreamy.

Stuffed Animals: You WILL have too many of these, and they will get overwhelming- I feel like i purge stuffed animals everyday. We’ve discovered our favorite and I’m thinking if they are registered for, a least we get what we want. They are called Slumberkins and not only are they SUPER soft, they each promote a different trait for your child. Honestley, so far, we’ve only gotten the ones that are cute (pink big foot, unicorn, sleepy peeps) but I registered for the Fox which helps with change. I know all the girls could use a Fox to welcome another baby!

Towels: We’ve tried a handful of hooded towels for the girls as well- the winner is June and January. They are absorbent, soft and adorable. Each girl has her own color and they are perfect!

soothe (1)

S O O T H E 

Pacifiers: Here we go again, baby number three and I have yet to use a paci. This time I am DETERMINED. I will need some type of soother for baby and my sanity. This time around I ordered Bibs Pacifier and the Cutie Pat from Ryan & Rose. The bibs come in every color imaginable, and if she takes to these, Ill be collecting the rainbow for sure. I love the size of these, dainty and perfect for the 0-6 month age. I’m also super excited about the Ryan and Rose pacifiers as well, they are really cool because they transform into a teether, so they will grow with the baby perfectly. I also love the soft material and saturated colors.

Bottles: I breast feed for a year if I can, but I need the bottle from time to time. Comotomo became Rays FAVORITE bottle, she still uses them- so thats what I am sticking to for baby girl. They are most ‘breast like’ and really easy to clean!

Diaper Changing: You know, that thing you’ll do one MILLION times a day! My favorite brand of diapers is Pampers, they have worked best with both girls. In the time of a rash my go to cream is Tubby Todd. I love their all over ointment for everything from diaper rash to eczema. The one thing I always wish I had is a diaper cream applicator, so it is definatly on my list this time around. Just one less thing to deal with when changing a diaper. I threw another Ubbi Diaper pail on my registry too, because ours has seen better days!!

Rocker: When we had Ray I bought the 4moms swing, I LOVED it, 3 weeks later Hurricane Irma took it with her, so I am hoping to get another one. Its perfect to have in the living room to keep baby rocking while I am doing other things.


S L E E P 

Baby Monitor: This is something we never had with any of the girls, because our house was quaint enough we didn’t need it. Now that our house is a little e bit bigger, we really want one. I would even love one in Denver and Ray’s room, to watch what kind of trouble they are causing! I found this one on Amazon, recommended by a mom blogger. It seems reasonlably priced, discrete and you can look at whats going on through your phone!

Basket: I have been dreaming of a baby basket bassinet for YEARS and it’s number ONE on my wish list for baby girl. In the past we used a pack and play in our bedroom as the bassinet and it worked great. We lost our pack and play in the storms so it gives me a reason to replace it with something I really want. I jus think the basket is so beautiful and I love that i can pick it up and put it in any room. The pack and play never fit through the average door without taking the thing apart. I love them from Plum+ Sparrow and from the basket from Briar Handmade. Added bonus, the one form Briar comes with everything you need plus a bonnet, yes please! I also wanted to try out the Snuggle Me Organic this time around. I got one on sale a few months back and it will fit perfectly into any of the baskets. It keeps the baby snuggled in and stationary while sleeping. Its also great if you are co sleeping and for transitioning into the crib! I cannot wait to use ours.

Sound Machine: We still use a sound machine for they girls at nap time and bedtime. Theres something about the soothing ocean waves that put them right to sleep, and keep out outside noise. Now that baby girl will have her own room, she’ll need her own sound machine. I added this one from Hatch which doubles as a night light. I’ve heard you can also control it from your phone.

Diffuser + Oils: This is my first Oily pregnancy, my girlfriend got me started on Young Living last fall and they have played a huge part in my pregnancy and in our home life. For the baby the main way I use them is in rollers for my back pain and occasional upset stomach. I currently have a diffuser in every room diffusing things specific to each person. I plan to have one in the nursery for calming and well being oils that are safe for baby girl! I have Gentle Baby on the way, I also use Sleepyeyze and Lavender every night at bed time.

sanity style

S A N I T Y 

Wrap: A lot of things like pacifiers, oils, and the baby swing will come into play in the sanity category, but Solly Baby Wrap is gonna stand alone here for now because it is THE lifesaver. Literally, I could not have survived the transition from one to two children without my wrap. (I also couldn’t have survived the hurricanes and traveling without it, I wrote about that here.) I already have a few wraps but they have been through the ringer, it’s always nice to have a brand new one on the list. These wraps literally make life possible, AKA laundry, dishes, the other kids, leaving the house, you get the idea.


Bows: Seasoned girl mom over her with an OBSESSION with bows. I talked about them after D here, after Ray here and I am working on a new post with my current favorite shops. I am now in the market for Quality of Quantity and bows that really ‘spark joy’ if you know what I mean. For this baby girl, give me all the Wunderkin Co. bows. I am socking up on the petal style that is petit and perfect for newborns.

Bonnets: I’m not doing the whole hat thing for the babe, instead I’m doing bonnets. I think they are so sweet and I really only use hats or bonnets in the hospital or in the first few days, we do live in the caribbean after all. I get all my bonnets from Briar Handmade, they have the most beautiful colors and prints. I love the terry bandit style bonnet for after baths and I’ve collected a few capsule bonnets for the hospital.

Basics: Onesies and outfits- three words, hand me downs. I’ve got TONS of stuff, my favorite baby things are from Old Navy, Gap and Carters. I don’t love spending tons of money on something they poop on and grow out of in two seconds. A few new outfits are always fun, but other than that, its sisters clothes for the win.

Bag: I’m sticking to my favorite, Fawn Design. I tested it out with Ray and fell in love, I already own a couple, but a new baby a new bag, right? They’ve redesigned their original and mini bags in the past year with some much needed updates and now they are even more perfect. They also just released the most dreamy color palette, it’s almost impossible to just pick one. I get the Original size for ALL the babes and its perfect! You can read more about how I pack and organize it here.

And there you have it! Thank you so much My Registry for making the process fun and easy! If you want to take a look at my current registry for baby girl, check it out here. Happy Shopping!

xo, Kelsey

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