Welcome to St. Croix

Well, here we are, one week down and we are pretty much MOVED IN. I really can’t believe the progress. Only a few more things need to be hung and I still need to unpack the bathrooms, but I’ll get there eventually.

Today was the day that Danny headed back to work full time and Denver started her new school. Ray and I had a “normal” day around here, with new house work for me, and a regular nap for her. Woo Hoo! I finally made it to our new mailbox today and got the sweetest package from Ellie and Piper. I found this party boutique on Instagram (where else?) and we instantly started chatting. She sent me some of the cutest tropical things and I thought they would be perfect for Denver’s first day of school. Danny said she had a rough morning, so a little treat after will hopefully reassure her that everything will feel normal again soon!

She sent adorable palm leaf plates with scalloped pink napkins, confetti, mini balloons and the cutest tropical hair clips! Honestly my favorite part, was the pineapple candy she threw in, Denver is going to freak! I added some festive pineapple cups with pink straws and served up fresh fruit, sprinkled with coconut and candy! I’m sure the balloons will be the biggest hit, I’m just anxious to hear about her first day!


Here’s to a new island and making everyday a little party!

xo, Kelsey

Update: School went very well, she had a blast, and the balloons were the best part!


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