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Toys. It’s a VERY popular word in our house right now. It just so happens to be Denver’s favorite movie, so it’s always being requested, and I mumble the word under my breath in annoyance when I trip over 10 toys on the ground every five minutes.

You can imagine the number of toys and books one accumulates with kids, they go on for days. The girls have some amazing toys, dolls, and books that I love, but they also have a lot of ‘junk’ that has become toys, or things they’ve outgrown. The other day, enough was enough, I HAD to organize their stuff. So I want to talk about our toy storage and give you a peek into what I’m doing to stay organized.

After the storms, we lost a lot, so we got to start fresh with books and toys. Everything is kept in the living room and their bedroom for easy access all day. For a while, I had two bins in the living room where everything got dumped in, but I hated it. Things at the bottom weren’t played with, nicer toys were getting thrown in with crayons, and books were getting destroyed. So I found three baskets at Target and this would be the answer to our problems.

I’m not trying to have a home that looks like kids aren’t here. I just want their things to meld with my taste and not be an eyesore, so these baskets were perfect. I finally got the baskets home and filled them up, but something was missing. That’s when I contacted my friend Miranda from Chalk Designs By Me. You might recognize her shop from the adorable Easter basket tags she made for the girls last month. I reached out to collaborate with her on toy storage tags. These baskets were begging to be labeled and I knew her style would compliment them perfectly. I had her do three tags for me, Toys, Books, and Dolls which I what I am using my baskets for.

The options are endless, they could read, Cars, Legos, Dress Up, etc, whatever you’re storing, make it cute and convenient with a tag!

Here is what I do with our STUFF…


The girls’ books live in three different places. They have exposed bookshelves for show in their bedroom. I put up holiday or seasonal books, add a fun garland and call it decor. (A tip I learned from Jordan over on Jordan & Co, only put the book covers on the shelves, that way the girls can actually read the books, without going up on the shelf to get them!)

They also had a small bookshelf in their room where all of the nicer books are kept. This is right next to Denver’s bed so she can choose her bedtime story (which is ALWAYS Llama Llama Red Pajama).

And lastly, we have a basket of books in the living room. These are play books, ones that are interactive for Denver and board books Ray loves to chew on 🤦🏻‍♀️). *this is where my book tag comes in handy!


All of the toys that are being played with live in our new Toy basket. If it’s overflowing, time to get rid of some stuff. I also have a small crate of Ray’s toys; teethers, Sophie and a couple more of her favorites separate from the rest. This makes it easy to give her the crate in the morning if she’s up before Denver.

Then I keep toy sets together on our TV stand. Denver’s coffee maker & Melissa & Doug toolbox and all their parts, live together and set up under the TV. The girls will get a new kitchen for Christmas (to replace their old one), the the coffee machine and play food will go there eventually.

Dolls & Stuffed Animals

Baby dolls have become a go-to for D so they’ve ended up in the toy basket, but the rest of her dolls are in their own basket in the bedroom. I like to keep them away from the everyday spills, food, and crayons. The remainder of the stuffed animals I’ve limited to a laundry basket full, which is hidden in their closet!

The baskets are linked here: toys, dolls, books.

And that’s it, I feel SO much more organized and I love the way their stuff melds with our decor! These tags made it easy and cute!

I also love the word association and learning factor, I swear Denver can now read the word “toys” once I explained it on the tag.

I hope you love them as much as I do because Miranda wants to give one lucky winner a set of THREE custom toy storage tags! All you have to do is follow me, and Chalk Designs By Me on Instagram and tag three friends on the Instagram post. Follow my blog for an extra entry! The winner will be chosen May 10th and will get to choose what their tags say and the style of lettering.

(I love how the block letting contrasts with all our girly stuff). Now, go enter!! Good luck, and I hope this helps you get organized!



This post is sponsored by Chalk Designs by Me

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