Motherhood + Raisins Giveaway


It comes with babies (obvi), a lifetime commitment. It comes with new friends, losing old ones, it comes with stress, judgment, uncertainty. It comes with love, unconditional love. Motherhood comes with tantrums, tuition, and trust. It comes with sweetness, sacrifices and stretch marks. Yes, stretch marks- amongst countless other ways your body changes.

Something you have very little control over and no idea what the end result will be. Between both girls, I gained over 70lbs during pregnancy and lost about 90lbs after having them. I feel better in my own skin now then I did five years ago. Your body does exactly what it needs to do for your babies and it’s a beautiful thing.

Denver made me a mom in 2015 and it was the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I always pictured myself having a baby girl, she was my dream come true. Even with all the changes, all the hard moments, the sleepless night, none of it mattered. I had the baby girl I always wanted, I was a mom and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Now, being able to match this little girl, put a bow in her hair and get the sweetest kisses, I’m speechless. I love her so much.

So I teamed up with Raisins to celebrate Mamas everywhere and giveaway FIVE Mother /Daughter sets! Head over to my Instagram and find out how to enter!

I feel so lucky to have found Raisins Swimwear. When I got dressed in this suit this morning, I came out telling my husband I had never felt more comfortable than I was in Raisins. It didn’t compare to any other suits. And there was Denver, dancing around the house in her new suit, with her glasses upside down, requesting a matching bow! I wrote about Raisins the other day, check out this post to see belly pics and all my favorite suits. Added bonus, they have Raisins Curve for a suit in EVERY size!



This post is sponsored by Raisins Swimwear Co.

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  1. Goodness gracious, you are gorgeous and so is your mini❤️THAT BOD THOUGH😍

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