Will Work for Bikinis

So it’s been about four years now that I have been a cocktail waitress on Magens Bay. Basically, it’s the best job ever, I wear a bikini, get exercise and a suntan, and get paid to do it all! I only work a couple days a week (when the hubby can stay home with the girls), but it’s like a vacation, not a work day. I get to be on the beach and sling piña coladas, can you beat that? But honestly, my favorite part is the uniform.

Bikinis are to me what shoes and purses are to the average woman. The obsession is very real, I mean you’re basically naked in public, so the bikini better fit well and be REALLY cute! When I moved to the islands I had mostly Victoria’s Secret suits and boy was I misguided. I started to discover companies like L*Space, Vitamin A, and Tavik Swim, just to name a few. But the day I went into the Magens Bay Boutique and found Raisins Swimwear Co, my suit game changed.

I was impressed right off the bat with the price point and amazing quality. I was shocked when I wore one on the beach and how many compliments I got. I was sending people to the shop left and right until they sold out. Since then I’ve started collecting some of their suits, mixing and matching with other separates I had, and absolutely loved them all.

When we vacationed to Miami I was in shock by the end of the trip to realize I only wore Raisins!

Then, I open an AMAZING package from them today with a few pieces from their summer collection and a one piece. My FIRST one piece since I was on swim team in the eighth grade. And let me tell you something, there is nothing “frumpy” or “old” about this one piece, I’ve never felt more confident.

These suits fit like a glove, and are so unique, they are now my go to brand, which is a pretty big deal if you know my suit collection. Thank you Raisins for your beautiful suits and making me feel like a beach goddess… I’ll be making more tips in your suits for sure 😉

Some of my favorite photos is Raisins… missing my bump, and look how small D was 😭



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