Welcome to Miami

This past week we took a little vacation with my in laws. Because the flights are still a little wacky to get to and from the islands and west coast, we decided to meet in the middle. Miami was an easy choice since we could get a direct flight and we could all enjoy the warm weather and ocean.

We all arrived Wednesday night, and after dealing with a little hotel drama, finally got settled at a beautiful condo right on the water. The two story condo, with a full kitchen and balcony is where we called home for the next week.

The resort was fully equipped with all we needed, a pool and a bar. After lunch by the pool and a trip to the store, we took an evening beach walk. I had a lime green lifeguard stand in my sights, I wasn’t gonna pass up those photo opportunities.

The next day the boys spent golfing and the girls spent by the pool! Cocktails, popsicles and flamingo naps made for a perfect, lazy day- pizza for dinner!

The next day we left the boys in charge of the girls and grocery shopping while Mitzi and I got our nails done, and Starbucks, of course. Then we all headed to South Beach and stopped at Smith & Wolensky for lunch. We dined outside with cocktails, oysters, fresh tuna and more oysters. It was amazing.

The next day, my Birthday! We started with mimosas, eggs Benedict and presents, the headed straight to the pool! The perfect day for the obnoxious pineapple drink and coconut shrimp for lunch! The best pet was getting dressed up in a brand new outfit (that Danny picked out and gifted me) and going out to dinner, with NO KIDS.

We dined at Quattro on south beach, the coolest little Italian restaurant, I felt like we were back in Italy on our Honeymoon. Cocktails at the bar, then a bottle of champagne waiting at the table, the night was perfect!

The rest of the trip was filled with pool days, beach walks, dominos and laughter. It’s always a fun time with our family, this was a trip we hated to have end. Now back to our reality (which is still pretty darn good!) We came home to an abundance of birthday mail, and I Freshly painted house, not too shabby!



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