Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

If you saw my last post my job now revolves around all things cake, I’m lucky, I know! So now when I’m scrolling through Instagram and following party shops and bakers and I see something cool, I immediately send it over to my boss for inspiration. When I came across these clear, fillable cake stands from Poppies For Grace, I knew Suga Mama’s HAD to own them!

Once they arrived all the way from Australia, Alexis (Owner of Suga Mama’s Bakery) and I were itching to fill the cake stand with something fun and of course makes the perfect cake to sit on top!

First, what to fill the stands with… easy answer, SPRINKLES. So that’s just what we did, a whole bag of Fancy Sprinkles! Once we did that we took more inspiration from an Austrian baker, Katherine Sabbath, and her buttercream brushstroke cake and used the sprinkles for our color palette. Alexis decorated in a flash and we got some beautiful photos!

The best part is what’s on the inside of this colorful cake. Find out about the confetti center over at Sugamamasbakery.com

Now that’s what I call a successful business meeting! Added bonus, I’m officially claiming this as my birthday cake since today happens to be my birthday, sure puts 29 off to a good start!

Xo, Kelsey

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