Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Remember back in elementary school when you had to decorate a box for all the kids in your class to fill with Valentines? I always LOVED it, and think those classic valentines are super cute. Last year I had been kicking around the idea of sending Valentines, this year I decided to go for it. Denver loves to color and thought it would be fun to have her do them herself, but honestly, the new Rifle Paper Co. Love stamps really sealed the deal.

I went to Paper Source and got a couple simple things. I bought a pack of 21 blank hearts, they come in three different colors and are a good quality card stock. I got the same size envelopes in some of the same colors, a rose gold pen, heart stickers and that’s it.

Since there were only 21 hearts, that’s all I plan to send, I could get carried away and send to our 80 friends and family, but I kept it simple. We’re sending to grandparents and all their toddler friends!

I picked all Denver’s pink and purple crayons and let her go for it. She scribbled away (even managing to scribble some actual hearts, that’s my girl!!), and put on stickers and loves it! I added “Happy Valentine’s Day” in marker and signed their names. I used red ink for our return stamp, sealed them with gold tape and a beautiful Rifle stamp. The perfect valentine’s, headed in the mail!

Xo, Kelsey

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