Hold What Matters

I’ve talked about Chatbooks before, but I just got my 2017 book and I’m beyond obsessed. I told you all about the custom books I do in this post. This year they came out with a Rifle Paper Co. Collaboration on the series. I was not subscribed to the series at the time so I changed that!

The series is ongoing books that each hold 60 photos. You can link them to your Instagram or camera roll and they will automatically print every 60 photos. It’s a fantastic way to get those photos off your phone! I have my series linked to the photos I Favorite on my phone so I have control over it. Because I do the yearly book I wanted to be super specific about what went into my series books. So far I’ve created books for Ray’s birth, maternity photos, and my sister in laws wedding. I’ve also done any photo shoots of the girls, where ALL the photos are SO good! They are 6×6 and hardcover, the prints are all different and gorgeous. Such a beautiful way to hold on to beautiful memories!

Added plus, with each series book you can get 5 prints! They are so sweet to have! Download the app to see the rest of the Rifle covers and start making your book!

*Here are a couple tricks I use on my yearly books:

– You can edit them ALL YEAR LONG. I start the book in January and constantly work on it throughout the year. So come December I’m not scrambling to remember my favorite pictures or when they took place.

-Typically Chatbooks only hold one photo per page. That’s not enough for me, so I use the Layout app and can put up to 9 photos per page. I mix it up and my favorite photos get their own page, some have a white border, some a caption, it’s up to you.

– one last tip. I created an email address for both girls when they were born. Ever so often I send them emails about what’s going on in our lives, I plan to give them the password when they turn 18. I started putting these emails into the books & added dates. It really tells me what was going on at the time and feels more authentic.

p.s. If you’re interested in starting your own books follow this link for a freebie!!!

Xo, Kelsey

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