Getting back to the Beach

I’ll be honest, going to the beach feels more like a chore lately. The trees are all brand new so there’s not much shade. We are carting all the snacks, sunscreen and baby gear we own. then coming home with ALL the sand, which warrants baths before anything can happen. We just pass it up. But this month, we go minimally, sunscreen and a bucket and it’s SO worth it. Denver has the time of her life, collecting shells and running around, and once I wrap Ray, she takes what seem like the BEST beach naps ever.

After the beach today, I felt refreshed and kissed by the sun, amazing what a little vitamin D does for the soul (plus it exhausts the kids 🙌🏻).

Xo, Kelsey

Both my baby wraps are Solly Baby Wrap

Denver’s suit & hat are from target | Ray’s suit and hat are hand me downs from D, originally from Gap

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