Dear St. Thomas

Four years ago, Danny and I woke up in Serendipity Villa and got ready to get married on the point at Sapphire Beach. It was the perfect island wedding. Surrounded by our friends and family, Bob Marley on the steel pans and a constant flow of rum, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Today, I will be reminiscing about that day with the man I love. 

Since I wrote about my amazing husband in the previous post, I thought I’d write about another anniversary that was looked over. September 15th marked FIVE years living on St. Thomas, and for us that is a big anniversary. Danny and I decided to move there (he was moving back), about two months after we started dating and never looked back. We packed our lives into a couple suitcases, loaded up the dog and said goodbye to the states. Of course I was fulfilling my dream of living on an island, a place where you could wear a bikini year round and always have a suntan… little did I know how this island would change me. 

I can’t begin to tell you about all the good times, amazing sights and unforgettable memories we made in the Caribbean. So I’ll share a few photos and write a little note to my sweet island.

To the islands that took me in-

Thank you for making me feel at home, for teaching me your ways and including me in your culture. For painting us beautiful sunsets and shining down light no matter what. Thank you for a week filled with feathers and calypso. For giving us an ocean to sail and islands to play. For drinking pigs, and seaplanes, deserted beaches and king fish, for painkillers with no pain to kill. Thank you for white sand and turquoise waters, for coconuts and palms. For trunk, drunk, and caneel and the Foxy man who sings. A floating bar called Willy T and baths with no tub. For holidays in Christmas Cove & cruise ship visitors to show a good time. Thank you for the family I made, three bikini days and a job serving rum punch. For my local girls, and for providing paradise for us. 


Irma and Maria took a lot of things, but our memories and experiences on our little island can never be taken. Happy anniversary St. Thomas- stay strong. 

And again to my amazing husband on our anniversary, I love you so, thank you for bringing me home.



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