Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

aka the man I get to call my husband. 

Thursday marks our four year wedding anniversary, and we’ll most likely be spending it apart. We usually saber a bottle of champagne, exchange classic anniversary gifts, (more about this after I give his gift, I’m super excited) while reminiscing of our amazing island wedding. But this year he is alone on our little island, cleaning up after Hurricane Irma and prepping for Hurricane Maria. 

I never thought I could love Danny more than the day we got married. Then I watched him become a dad and give me two beautiful girls. Then he saved my life and protected our babies – all while sacrificing time with us to work, and make sure there is a (structurly sound) roof over our head. ‘I love you’ no longer seems appropriate because it’s just not big enough for how I feel about this man. 

Before Irma hit, the option for the girls and I to leave was always there, Danny was gonna stay behind no matter what, for the sake of the house, his job & our pup. I just knew I would rather face the brunt of the storm with him, by his side, than a million miles away, making him do it alone. Unfortunately, we are now in that situation, and I can hardly stand it. Hurricane Maria is coming for St. Thomas and just got bumped up to a Category 4. The benefit is we’re in a ‘been there, done that’ situation and Danny can go about the hurricane without worrying about us. Although all I’ll be doing is worrying about him. 

Danny feels prepared, and knows what to do, which is all we can hope for. But the island is not prepared. Too vulnerable and not ready for another storm of this magnitude. 

Each day it becomes harder to be away from him. When we were traveling last week I was so consumed with surviving with the girls, and getting where I was going, it didn’t sink in how far away we were and how long it would be. When I thought of the hurricane aftermath, I never expected it to be this hard emotionally, and I never though I would be away from Danny. 

It’s going to be a tough next couple of days watching the storm compromise our island and know Danny is there. Hoping for an easy exit, post hurricane, so he can be with me and the girls. 

I’ll be counting the days till we are reunited with Danny. In the mean time, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Maria is easy on the VI. 



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