The journey is half the fun, right? 

Tuesday morning, another day I wasn’t really looking forward to, the girls and I trapped in our bunker and Danny on home clean up. Ray had me up since 4am, to watch the sun come up and everyone else wake up, so I was taking a short morning nap with Ray. Danny woke me up to tell me about a cruise ship in Havensite that was evacuating people to Miami. My mom had told me about this option, but I took it as a joke as I’ve always had a love for cruises, (I’ve been on 10 in my 28 years). Danny and I decided this would be a good option because the St. Thomas airport kept pushing back their fly dates and we wanted to make sure the girls got off island. 
It was about 1030am, we were in a rush. The boat would be first come first serve, so I had to cut the 3 bags and 2 car seats, down to 2 bags (that I still wouldn’t be able to handle on my own). I threw things in last minute, got the girls dressed and we broke curfew to get down to Havensite. We pulled in and there was a line of people wrapped around the block. We got into the “non registered line” and waited our turn. Ray was asleep in my solly baby wrap and Danny was able to walk us in with the bags, all the way to the boat. It was really easy for us to get on, I was surprised. But saying goodbye to Danny was the hardest thing I’ve done. It felt like a Titanic- women-and-children-moment. We both knew the girls needed to get off the island and this was the best decision. 

We boarded the Norwegian Sky, we first went into a dining room to fill out paper work. Staff walked around with sandwiches and water, we continued going through the motions of getting our room key etc. As soon as we could, I got help with my bags and went to our stateroom on the 10th floor. I was very happy to have AC, a clean bathroom and a TV. We had to venture out for a muster drill, and we grabbed dinner after that. The cruise ship amenities were very limited. Everything is closed, casino, pools, room service, etc. except the one buffet open all day, the gift shop for needs and one bar! The staff has been amazing, every time we dine someone helps me through the line and gets me food & drinks- a lady even brought my plate to my room last night because both girls were fussy and I couldn’t sit for a meal.

Another saving grace is the kids area that is open. I was able to purchase diapers and wipes, and they provide a big room with toys for Denver to run and play. I never pictured my eleventh cruise to be this way, but I’m so thankful to have everything I need to get back to the states. We arrived in Miami this morning, it was super simple to get off the ship. Now we’re waiting in the airport to fly to CLT. We’ve already had a few temper tantrums and full diapers, all at the same time (why????). What a crazy way to travel (alone, with two babies). Very anxious to be done traveling. 



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