Friday Favorites (Social Butterfly)

I have to admit I’m probably addicted to Instagram. I love scrolling through beautiful photos that inspire me, give me ideas and make me feel connected to people all over the world. It challenges me to take beautiful photos and it has inspired me to start a business and a blog. When Denver was born and I spent my nights awake, nursing, I found some of my favorite instamoms and have continued to follow them over the past year. It’s so great that there are mamas of toddlers and babies to follow, and you can feel like you are going through the same things together on some levels.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram/ blogging mamas- their fabulous photos and 2cents on parenting are worth looking into.



Meet Marissa, mom of two girls and a baby boy that is arriving TODAY! Sloan & Phayre are serious #sistergoals- she throws the cutest parties and her days are always filled with fun! Her and I have been pregnant at the same time so it has been a blast watching her bump grow and prepare for baby boy!


Meet Jessica, mama of THREE girls, chalk board expert and serious lover of holidays. Her feed is so amazing, but Halloween- Valentine’s Day are the BEST, I can never get enough. Between fun sister photos, she features her amazing home & holiday ideas.


Meet Raven, another fabulous girl mama. Her feed has a soft blush overtone with all the pink! Harlow & Stella are always dressed to impress, she does the social media for Cuddle & Kind and is a photographer as well. She does it all and she’s so much fun to follow.


Meet Karissa, mom of two girls and just added a boy to the bunch a couple months ago.  If she’s headed to Disney, uses her Letterboard or meets up with the Hello Baby Brown crew, you’re in for some serious cuteness.


Meet Rebekah, a beach babe with a toddler boy. When I was pregnant with Denver she was pregnant with her son Levi- so much fun to see another pregnant girl constantly in bikini. Her posts are a mini vacation with some mama moments mixed in!


Meet Jordan, another mama of two sweet girls and a fresh baby boy (there seems to be a trend here) her photos are always sweet and tons of fun, hint her recent rainbow unicorn birthday party for her oldest. But, I have to say I fell extra in love with her feed when her family vacationed to Virgin Gorda, I felt like we were neighbors there for a sec!

All their blogs are in their Instagram profile so, next time you’re in need of some serious mama inspiration follow these girls and their babes, you won’t regret it!

xoxo Kelsey

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