Week ONE (with two under two)

…and how to survive!

Baby Ray is officially one week old. Time. Stop. Now. We survived, but not alone, ask me again on Monday when all the company is gone and Danny is at work all day.  I’ve been really trying to maintain our routine and lifestyle and although there have been some MAJOR changes (like no sleep and decaf coffee) I think there are some essentials every new mom and new mom again needs.


Top 5 material must haves. 

Solly Baby Wrap. Monday morning, Danny just left for work, Ray is screaming, the dog has to go out and be fed, and Denver is hungry… solly baby to the rescue. I grabbed the wrap I got when I was pregnant with Denver, hap hazardly tied it on and popped Ray in. This was an ‘ah-ha’ moment, I officially cannot function without this wrap. I fed D, and the dog all while baby slept on my chest. I was even able to do the laundry, dishes and get some work done. Woah.

4moms Momaroo. Ray is living in this thing. Right now she’s out like a light and slowly swaying. It has been absolutely fantastic. I love that she has a place to herself, (note the no personal space toddler), and she can constantly be moving while I am doing whatever it is I need to be doing. Even when Denver changes the settings and turns the music on and off, she doesn’t care because she is so comfortable.

The Pacifier. This was something we never used with Denver. No particular reason, it just wasn’t something I wanted to do. With Ray I am whistling a different tune. It has been SO helpful in our first week. It’s just not the same as it was with Denver, I can’t stop everything all the time to feed Ray at the drop of a hat, so it’s been the perfect thing to give me a little extra time. I’ve been using the Avent soothies which I really like because you can put your finger in to make it even more, well, soothing. I also ordered a Loved By Sophia Claire pacifier clip so it can stay with Ray. Denver thinks it’s her binky and also offers it to the dog, so the clip will be perfect.

Frida Baby Fridget Mom washer. I mentioned I was packing this for the hospital in this post, but I had never used it. Let me tell you, it’s amazing. I am SO glad I had it at the hospital and for everyday after. My postpartum experience this time around has been so much easier on me than it was after Denver and I am so greatful – maybe it’s because I got all this must have gear!

Convenient & Comfortable clothing for mama and baby. My typical outfit of sports bras and cheer shorts have gone out the window, because let’s be honest it’s just not easy to nurse every three house in that. I have been sleeping in my Pea in the Pod nursing gowns & robes. They make feeding a breeze, and at the beginnning there is enough uncomfortable pain, your clothing needs to help, not hurt you. Also, I’m on the hunt for the perfect nursing bra, any suggestions? For baby girl I’ve had her in her Candy Kirby knotted gown almost everyday. First of all the color I chose (coral) is totally her color and I just can’t resist her olive skin in the beautiful tone. Secondly, it is so darn cuddly, as if you didn’t want to snuggle your newborn already, you won’t be able to them down. Lastly, it is CONVENIENT! The cuffs for her hands are amazing so you’re not losing those pesky mittens and her face is safe, plus the knot makes diapers a breeze. She has plenty of room to move inside the gown, but still feels safe and wrapped up!


All the gear is great to have and will absolutely help you survive the day to day, but in my opinion there are also five non material things every mama needs.

Your husband. Danny has been great, as usual, but it’s so nice to have him even if it’s just him showing that extra attention to Denver that I know she’s missing. Although I’m not complaining that he’s on diaper duty either! Last night we were putting Denver to bed and Ray was crying, he had a girl on each shoulder and it was the BEST thing in the world. Daddy’s girls through and through.

Curious George. And yes George may be a close second to Danny, Denver is obsessed with him and I have to say, at this point I am too. He is constant entertainment for her and any sort of distraction these days is a good one. Plus she’s learning something. Score.

Coffee and snacks. Have them in the house at all times. This first week the last thing I wanted to do was make any kind of food, but, if I didn’t eat I got terrible headaches, plus Ray is not getting what she needs either. So have tons of easy snacks on hand, protein bars, trail mix, and chocolate! (I eat my chocolate for breakfast so it doesn’t keep Ray awake at night #noshame). Same goes for coffee, I keep a large mason jar of half caf in the fridge for my morning iced coffee, and let me tell you it makes the whole day doable.

Family. Living so far away, having family be here for the birth of both Denver and Ray has been amazing. They have been here to entertain Denver, do our laundry and accompany me to the grocery store. Take any help that’s is offered, that is what they are here for and trust me a simple ‘hold the baby’ is huge help and they WANT to do it!

Patience for a new routine. Nothing will be the same. Accept and embrace the change. It’s been really hard for me, I always love to keep busy- constantly working on projects, running errands and completing all the house work in a timely manner. All of which have flown out the window, but it’s okay, things need to change. The dishes can stay in the sink and the laundry doesn’t need folded right away. Soak up the babies and give them all your attention. Before I know it they’ll both be out of the house and you’ll have nothing but time.

I will say, blogging is much more fun with a newborn on my chest, and yes, Curious George is on in the background.

Xoxo, Kelsey

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  1. Kelsey. So glad I signed up for your blog. You are a great writer and it is so easy to see your life with two. Having been through two under two myself- well, yes, it has been a few years but you don’t forget those days- I understand what is happening. You are a great mom and we are proud of you. Lots of love and hugs!

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