Hospital ready!

As baby girl’s due date approaches, 23 days to be exact (but who’s counting), I’m craving organization and preparation. On the top of my list, the hospital bag.

It was only 20 short months ago I was giving birth to Denver, so I feel much more prepared this time around.

As far as mama’s bag goes, COMFORT is the key ingredient. I’m bringing two sets of nursing gowns and matching robes. I love the ones from A Pea in the Pod- they are not only comfortable, but cute and light weight- and lets face it, there are TONS of photos taken in the hospital so you might as well wear something you feel good in. The nursing gowns have easy access for breast feeding and the robes are perfect for the postpartum belly. Under the gown is just as important, I love the seamless sports bras and undies from Victoria’s Secret, they are so comfortable and cute! With that comes lots of nursing pads and maxi pads, because, well you know…

This  time around I am so excited to bring the Fridababy Fridet mom washer- this has comfort and convenience written all over it, and it’s something I wish I had with Denver. I’m also bringing a nursing cover by Covered Goods, it’s great to have with all the family and friends in and out of your room, plus you can use it to cover the car seat on your way home! I’m obsessed with this one because it has holes in one side to create a breeze for you and the baby and in this St. Thomas heat, trust me, we need the breeze.

The mama bag, is packed with all the other things I’ll need, phone chargers, snacks, and thank you notes for the hospital staff. I will also have my boppy, a pair of socks, overnight toiletries and a maternity dress to go home in.

Robe / nursing pads / mama bag / bra & undies / nursing cover / mom washer

Baby’s bag is much more fun! When we were expecting Denver, we didn’t find out her gender until she was born, now knowing baby number two is a girl – it is SO much fun to plan and pack all things PINK!

Lets start with this gorgeous diaper bag by Fawn Design. After a year of research this was the perfect diaper bag for me. Not only is it beautiful (and blush) it has 10 pockets, gold accents, and a key ring (no more digging for my keys). The inside also comes completely out so you can wipe it clean. Inside my Fawn I have the mini Tote Savvy diaper bag organizer (not pictured). It adds a little more organization, plus it comes with a changing pad and an insulated pocket for bottles. Headed to the hospital I like to bring a stocked diaper bag of newborn diapers, wipes, and butt paste – just to be sure. (Denver will have her own separate bag of all her needs plus toys, snacks and crayons.)

I’m taking a few swaddle blankets, I love the muslin ones in fun patterns, they are fun and soft- and of course whatever blankets they give her in the hospital will come home with us as keepsakes! A couple plain white onesies and this gorgeous knotted gown from Candy Kirby Designs. The knot keeps baby’s feet warm but makes changing diapers a breeze. Plus her new design has built in mittens which is an absolute must! In her little baby bag I packed more essentials, a knotted hat, bonnet, socks, more mittens and a banner with her name for the bassinet. As a girl mom I need another bag for all her bows, (not pictured) because, photo opportunities! I love Little Poppy Co. it’s a bow subscription so you receive three bows a month – Denver had a stock pile she will be handing down to baby girl!

Dont forget the baby book either, that way you have a special place for baby’s footprints. This one from Lucy Darling is simple and fun – it’s built for mostly photos, which I love. No pressure to fill out every page each month, which can become a little overwhelming. This time around the hospital is an even bigger deal, because it’s where Denver will really understand that she is a big sister. I am planning her big sister gift and outfit – stay tuned for that post.

I’m sure I will forget a handful of things, but who will care, I’ll be distracted by a fresh newborn!

Swaddle / book / baby bag / onesie / bows / diaper bag

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