Growing Bump {37 week update}

As the end of my pregnancy approaches, quickly I might add, I am trying to tie up all the little things I want to get done before baby.

We had our weekly appointment on Friday and the doc was a little shocked how quickly I’m moving along. Already 2.5 cm dilated – baby girl could literally arrive at any minute. This news has me FREAKED out, I am a planner to the core, so the thought that she could come tomorrow makes me very nervous. So, as soon as I got home, I finished packing the bag, did a full house clean and made sure everyone had a list just so nothing is forgotten. Depending on where baby and I are at my next appointment, Friday we are going to make a plan of action! With family traveling in, and the need of someone to stay with Denver, I’d rather have a plan than be surprised!

In the mean time, I’m trying to relax and do some fun projects to keep me busy (with my hands and not trying to move furniture).

Yesterday, I got the prints I ordered from Social Print Studio. I love this app, you can print from your phone or social media, I’ve made prints, cards, mini books, you name it, they print it. I was so excited to print my weekly bump photos (taken by my amazing husband) and put them all together in my Belly Book. I also had photos of each ultrasound printed so they will last forever. It’s so fun to look back at my growing belly and hope it doesn’t get much bigger!


I edited my photos using A Color Story app and added the weeks with Canva, another app I love.


Last night we did professional maternity photos and I literally CANNOT wait to see them, just hoping I can get them back before I pop! Stay tuned as soon as I see them, I will share!

a few updated photos…

Xo, Kelsey

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  1. AND you’re custom designing custom wedding signs for your very grateful sister in law! Xoxo can’t wait to meet squishy #2!!!

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