Rainbow Hutch Essentials

Okay, now that Valentine’s Day is officially over, let Rainbow season begin (or continue in my world, but with a little extra gumption!)

Every holiday around here has started with the hutch! I was SUPER excited to do a rainbow hutch and loved how it turned out. It will probably stay this way until July 4th! It was fun to create little color stories on each shelf, it came easy with these essentials


  1. Wine Glasses

Estelle Colored Glass is ALL the rage right now! I got a set of two for Christmas and I am so excited to build my collection. They are so saturated and add an amazing pop of color, and of course, they are practical. 

2.  Bowls

AKA Latte Bowls from Anthropologie. I have been working on this collection for a while now and collecting different colors. We use them everyday as our bowls, but are so fun to add pops of color around the house. My tips are only buy MIXED sets of six so you can get a variety of color. OR if you shop in store you can buy the bowls as singles, it’s a great way to fill in the holes of the colors you need. 

3. Chatbooks

You know my SERIOUS love for Chatbooks, they are all over my house and not only make gorgeous decor, but hold all our special memories. I use the Rainbow Series for all the House Of Fete styled shoots, they are amazing all together but fun to spread out to add punches of color. Use KELSEYGIFTS20 at checkout

4. Soda

LOOK AT THIS SODA. I found this somewhere on the inter webs and HAD to have it! Listen, do I need this? No. Do I drink soda? No. Are they so beautiful that I have to have every color? YES. It’s all about the packaging people. Even when you open them up, the liquid is the same color as the can! They are PERFECT for parties and mixers! Ha!

I also love to display my cake stand collection, baking dishes, and photos of my girls, in color coordination of course. 


No hutch, no problem, this is so fun for mantles or shelves! Just a little bit of rainbow throughout the house!



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