Be My VALENTINE {House of Fete Friendors}

It takes a village, ESPECIALLY in the event planning world. When Marissa and I were coming up with a name for House of Fete, we wanted to make sure it signified a “home” for all those we worked with. Let me tell you, not only do we have the best of vendors, but they are officially FRIENDors.

This Valentines Day we wanted to do something, fun, romantic, and for our vendors. So we invited the people we have been working with since the beginning, and threw a little party! We went out to Balestrieri Family  Farms and between the Vineyard and Olive trees we set us 4 tables for two. Marissa and I and our vendors all brought our craft, got dolled up and took photos.


We brought along hair and makeup bu the fabulous Cut Color Collective and Heather from Bay Area gowns- put the ladies in gorgeous colorful gowns. Now, let’s see the talent.


The mother of Bruno, the mobil bar. Talk about bringing the fun. We always have the best time when she rolls in with her cutie Italian car. She is. the most caring human and always working to make everyone around her feel amazing. Dressing up Bruno has become our favorite past time, but seeing Megans reaction is always the best part.


AKA Miss Danville Cheese. Nicole has been with us from day one. She brings the cheese and never disappoints. She always shows up with spreads, boards, cheese cakes and more. Basically whenever you see Nicole, you won’t go hungry. But the best part about Nicole is her is the kindest spirit, always giving and ALWAYS dressed the part for the Holiday.


The most talented cookie artist we have EVER met. Tracy is the owner of The Sugar Bug and not only are her cookies tiny works of art, they are seriously delicious. When Tracy creates with us she blows us away EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The amount of time and detail she puts into every cookie is astounding- no party is complete without these cookies. Added bonus, she and Nicole are cousins!


Tiny bites of heaven. That is what Tara of Soiree Macarons creates. Not only does she bring the most beautiful macarons, but her flavors and culinary skill are out of this world. Tara is the sweetest human, always bringing something new and innovative, have you heard us talk about her truffle Parmesan macarons? Best thing I’ve ever tasted. Her talent surpasses most and its the one thing I cannot hoard, because these macs are too good not to eat.

Jose + Efrain-

The boys. Also known as Apis Floral, these two bring a good time and add a whole lot of Handsomeness to the group. Their flowers really don’t need much explanation, because their beauty and craft speak for them selves. The way they create floral art is AMAZING. We basically tell them to show up and do what they do best. Works every time. But let us tell you, having these two in any situation is a good time, and even more fun when there are cocktails involved!

The day was off the charts, what is more fun then creating and getting to bask in the glory. I just love these creative humans and I couldn’t imagine House Of Fete with out them!



Special thanks to those behind the scenes, Topher of Cut and Color Collective for all the hair and make up, Heather of Bay Area Gowns for the gorgeous dresses, Amber from Balestrieri Family Farms for having us, and of course, Stella for shooting us and making the vision come to life!

Planing + Styling @house.of.fete 
Photographer @stellamuslehphotography 
Venue @balestrieri_family_farm 
Rentals @brighteventrentals 
Florals @apisfloral 
Food styling @danvillecheese 
Cookies @thesugarbug 
Macarons @soireemacarons 
Mobile bar @bubblesandbrewssfbay 
Gowns @hhco_baygowns 
Hair + makeup @cutandcolorcollective 
Acrylics @modernbirchco 
Hats @rolly_polly_ 
Flower confetti @shopstudiopep 
Stamps @the.postmistress 
Lollipops @thesweetstoryline

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