hooRAY {Ray Turns Four}

Her party started with a dress, I’ve had this Pink Chicken dress covered in balloons saved FOREVER and I knew one of the girls needed to wear it at a birthday! The dress seemed so “Ray.”, so I bought it in her size and starting building the party around it. I decided to do another play on words and have the theme be HOORAY, a theme surrounding balloons, and all things nostalgic birthday parties! This mood board changed quite a bit but I finally settled on something bright and colorful- totally fitting! I wanted a lot of color but not an obvious rainbow and I knew I wanted balloon dogs- let’s do this!


I sometimes have a little trouble planning Ray’s birthday because it is SO close to Brennan’s it creeps up on me, while I am always thinking about it I really don’t make moves until mid June. I had this image in my head and I am so thrilled the party came out exactly how I imagined!

The Table + Activity 

I used the white picnic table that we used for the House Of Fete 4th of July! It worked out perfectly. This table setting was hard to get to but once I saw the color blocked table ware from Ellie and Piper, I knew. I mixed and matched every-color from the collection and quickly made the plates a staple in the inspiration! I went to my friends over at Modern Birch to create the acrylic rounds for each plate, I knew there had to be confetti at each setting. It was a perfect thing to use, because the confetti would not have lasted any where else being outside. Half of the rounds were blank, but the other half said things like Eat Cake, Hooray, Celebrate and Let’s Party! In between the round and the top plate I pressed custom confetti and watercolor balloons. Between the small plate and large I used a long stripped napkin. This was one of my favorite elements. I have never set a table this way but LOVED the end result. I used five different stripes that just screamed party to me.


Each place setting had a cup of course, I opted to use a melamine cup, I always love the mix of solids and they don’t blow away! Each cup had a bright bendy straw made of paper. I KNOW, so cool. And of course a custom stir stick. Next to the cup each kid got their very own party hat, another detail that felt classic party, a must have! The table runner of cake also served as the activity for the kids.


The Activity

I thought it would be fun to have all the kids decorate their own Birthday cakes as the activity. It felt very on theme and I knew the kids would have a blast! I collected as many cake stands possible and Ordered 10 plain white cakes from the grocery store. I filled spice jars with gorgeous sprinkles and each kid had their own piping bag of frosting. The kids were in sugar HEAVEN. A little frosting on the cake, a little in the mouth… the cakes came out a hot mess, in the best way possible. Each of them was topped with one of those old school balloon cake toppers, that extra punch of nostalgia.


The Balloons

Obviously being that the theme was BALLOONS- you know we went ALL OUT! Lindsi of The Collective Creative Co stopped by with a truck full of balloons. She covered the back wall behind the kids table will balloons! The mix of colors, crystal balloons and balloon dogs made for the most whimsical moment. She also adorned the Favor bar with a gorgeous rainbow garland- there had to be at least one rainbow, right? This one was embellished with white balloon dogs- this was my favorite part! And yes, Lindsi and I are now balloon dog pros.



The Favor Bar

This was my FAVORITE part, I think!? I teamed up with Dabble and Dollop to create the ultimate Bubble Bar. I borrowed Marissa’s lemonade stand and filled it to the brim with the most beautiful bubble bath you’ve ever seen. I found Dabble and Dollop because of their packaging and concept. Each flavor is beautifully designed and creates the rainbow. The point of their products is that you can take your favorite flavors and mix them together to create your own scent! We had multiples of every flavor, four flavors of bathbombs that you can also mix together and their tiny mixing bowls. I bought simple favor bags and each kid was able to choose who bubble baths (which are also body wash and shampoo) and each bath bomb. The kids seriously LOVED it, and let me tell you this stuff smells so heavenly.

I decorated the stand with balloons of course, I added custom Pearl and Jane garlands to the top and added florals. I put a custom Bubble Bar sign by Modern Birch on the front and it was absolute perfection!


The Florals

This is a favorite element of mine. I always want to be the girl who has florals as the party but never really do, don’t ask me why. BUT, I met the COOLEST girl on TikTok of all places. Her name is Katie from At The Lane and she does dried florals and thoughtful dinner parties. Her and I immediately connected over smart party planning and when I saw her florals I had to get her involved. She created a large arrangement and four small ones to put through out the party! She custom painted these dried florals and they bring me SO MUCH JOY I cannot even tell you! I used disco ball cups and iridescent ice cream cups as vases, added a some velvet ribbon for an added touch. My favorite part was shoving a Modern Birch Stir stick inside. So each arrangement was garnished with an acrylic balloon dog or FOUR, it was so cute! The main arrangement was the star of the show. He sat on the cake table and I added the watercolor “HOORAY” party pennant from Cami Monet. I am officially convinced every floral arrangement needs a party pennant. Just saying!



The Cake Table

Okay, If I could cram more on this table I would have. I wanted it to be bursting with cake, sweets and fun, and it sure was! I started with builds as a backdrop, Danny painted them in fun colors to match the party! From the builds I added quick link balloons from Oh Happy Day Party Shop- these might be the most underrated things of all time. They were SO easy to use, and I am obsessed with the way they looked. A little went a long way and I love the overall vibe.


On the table I started with these amazing dip dye neon candles from Oh Happy Day. I used the Sugar and Cloth DIY candle stick holder and had them go all the way across the table. What a fun nod to the birthday candle in an over the top way.

The Cake

Inspired by THE Katherine Sabbath, I had The Sugar Bug create the most gorgeous cake. She is so incredibly talented, I cannot even tell you. She used custom colors to create the buttercream effect and added touches of gold, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The cake sat on top of a fillable cake stand. I filled it with TONS of confetti a few watercolor balloons and of course my very special Disco ball from my Father in Law. The cake was topped with the letters HOORAY and 4 shimmery two toned candles. JUST PERFECT.


The Drinks 
When I saw these Packed Party cake cups, I knew they were a must have! The adult cocktails were inside but I set these cups together to look like two full cakes! The straws mimicked candles and you just opened the frosting to pour in lemonade! It was the biggest hit!
Of course we had the festive two tone cups, straws and stir sticks! The straws were such a cool find from a shop called Pursuit of Cocktails, they have bright colored paper bendy straws. Seriously perfect for the kids and the colors matched perfectly! The Modern Birch stir sticks of balloons, balloon dogs, Four + HOORAY added the most perfect flair to every drink!

Macarons + Cookies

No party is complete without cookies and macs. My girl Tara of Soiree is an absolute STAPLE at parties and honestly the only sweet I will indulge in! She really outdid herself this time around. Each macaron of course matched the party with two tone colorful shells. the presentation was something I cannot even describe. A gorgeous rainbow tiered stand showed off each macaron just how they deserved. The Flavors, that is what needs to be talked about! Tara took inspiration from Milk Bar to create these custom macaron flavors and let me tell you, you had to sample each one, they just kept getting better and better.


pink – Strawberry Shortcake Ice Box Macarons
Filling: Strawberry Nesquik ice cream buttercream, strawberry caramel, strawberry shortcake crumble and dipped in white chocolate and ritz cracker. 
orange – Cereal Milk
filling: cereal milk buttercream with corn flakes, topped with white chocolate and corn flakes
yellow – Birthday Cake
filling: birthday cake buttercream and birthday cake crumble, topped with white chocolate and fancy sprinkles rainbow sprinkles
green – Chocolate Pretzel Cereal Squares
filling; chocolate ganache, with dulce de leche and marshmallow fluff, dipped in dark chocolate and pretzels.
turquoise – Chocolate Malt Cake
filling: chocolate malt buttercream, malt fudge, marshmallow fluff and malt crumb, topped with dark chocolate and malt crumb. All made with Ovaltine.
blue and purple – Compost Cookie
filling: coffee ganache, milk chocolate and butterscotch ganache, graham cracker crumb, topped with dark chocolate and pretzel 
The Cookies were perfectly crafted by my friend Jeromee from Royally Iced captured the party so perfectly. Cookies of balloons garlands, cake slices that looked just like the cups, even topped with sprinkles! I don’t even think she did this on purpose, she is SO GOOD! Hooray cookies, rainbow stripped cotton candy and my favorite, the balloon dog. They were pilled up on a pink cake stand and almost too pretty to eat!

The Outfits

Apart from Rays gorgeous balloon dress, you know her sisters had to look the part. Little Blue Jay sent over the sweetest balloon dresses and they were such a perfect touch. All the girls wore balloon felt clips in their hair ( although with all the play, they quickly came out). Each girl also wore custom Ryan Crew Co bracelets that read Hooray ( even I got a set). The best surprise was a balloon topper headband Rolly Polly sent over a few days before the party. It was so gorgeous I had to wear it!


More Details 

Can we please take a moment for the Minnidip ball pit. OH M GEE. This was the biggest hit of the party the kids did not stop jumping into the pit and had the best time searching for the gold ball and getting the balls all over the yard. It actually made for the most perfect after party photo.


I had a book for everyone to sign as the guest book, this has become one of my favorited traditions at all of their partied! Idea inspired by Studio Diy, I snagged this book on Amazon!


We cannot forget about the gorgeous Invitation and flat lay. Along with the watercolor balloons and HOORAY flag, Cami Monet created the most fun invitation for Ray with watercolor candle stripes on the back. Everything she does is pure gold, cannot wait to get this into a party frame!


The Photos

These literally need NO WORDS because they are beyond perfection. We have worked with Renee a few times over on House Of Fete and I was thrilled she came to the house to capture all the moments of Ray’s Party! If I can say one thing, it’s invest in a good photographer to capture the day. She took away  all my stress in capturing the magic and did the best job. The light, the sparkle the balloons, she didn’t miss a beat and even stayed for the outfit changes!

Concept + styling @house.of.fete 
Photographer @reneeshieldsphotography 
Balloons @thecollectivecreativeco
Cake @thesugarbug
Acrylics @modernbirchco 
Party ware @ellieandpiperco 
Macarons @soireemacarons 
Cookies @royallyiced 
Confetti @shopstudiopep 
Florals @gatheratthelane 
Favors @dabbleanddollop
Candles, linking balloons @ohhappydaypartyshop
Watercolor @camimonet 
Garlands @pearlandjane 
Straws @pursuitofcocktails 
Party hats @littleblueolive 
Balloon dresses @thelittlebluejayatl 
Ball pit @minnidip
Ray’s Dress @pinkchickenNY
Balloon Headband @rollypollyofficial
Bracelets @theryancrewco
Balloon Clips @lulebloom
A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this party come to life, to all my friendors who seriously make MAGIC and who always show up for me! I LOVE YOU ALL!
XO, Kelsey

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