Festive Fall Treats

Written in 2019

I’ve had a lot of fun making festive treats with the girls this month, so I wanted to share a few here.

Ghost Pancakes


I started with “BOOberry” pancakes and they were the easiest thing EVER. I just made pancakes with a little more of an oval shape and used 3 blueberries for the eyes and mouth! Arn’t they cute?

Pumpkin Cakes


I got the idea to make these pumpkin bunt cakes when I was using this mini bunt tin for Ray’s Birthday, because they came out super round (AKA I overfilled the pan). So this time I over filled it again but with an orange cake mix! I just used vanilla cake and food coloring! When they were out of the oven and cooled, I stuck in pretzel sticks. The girls each got a pumpkin and decorated little faces on them, so much fun!

Candy Bats


I got this idea on Instagram from @homeofuandme. It was so easy and cute, a Reese Cup, and an Oreo with some google eyes. Beware, these are addicting and delicious. Another fun one to let the girls stick on the wings and eyes, or just eat the candy!



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