Qubii Auto-Backup Device Review – My Memory Keeper

Qubii Auto-Backup Device Review – My Memory Keeper


How many photos are currently in your camera roll? I have over 16,000 photos. YES, you heard that right. I don’t use a camera, everything I capture between firsts of the girls, to work collaborations, to all things party is done on my iPhone. I am constantly upgrading my iCloud storage, and I promise you, if I backed up to my computer, it would explode.

Enter, this little cube called Qubii.


This magical little cube plugs into your phone charger so every time you charge your phone you are backing up all those photos in your phone. Talk about the easiest way to protect those precious memories, BACKED UP WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Not only do you not have to lift a finger or even think about backing up, it is the easiest thing to use. All you need is the Qubii, and a micro disk that you can get in pretty much any size (I use 128 GB). All you need to do is plug Qubii into your charger with the microSD card inside and charge your phone. It automatically starts backing up, DONE! When you plug in your phone you will be prompted to download the free Qubii app. This is where you can see the backup progress, choose specific albums to download, and access your saved photos.

Then, it gets better! The Qubii can be plugged into your computer to edit, post, email and share with family and friends. The options are endless and your memories are safe. With the parties I have thrown my girls, I save everything I have – a box of invites, their party hats, candles, anything of sentimental value. I’ve been meaning to get photos from my phone printed too so I’m glad Qubii makes printing photos incredibly easy! I can now add all their party photos to the keepsake box.

Take it from me, when Denver was almost a year old, my computer crashed. I lost all my work and worse of all, lots of baby pictures. I was devastated and wish I had this magical product then! Excuse me while I back my phone up and make some much needed space for new memories!

To learn more about Qubii, visit Maktar.com or you can purchase Qubii directly on Amazon

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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