Sleeping in Solly

Solly Baby has been a favorite company of mine since I discovered their wraps when Denver was born! I was so excited when their product line expanded because I already knew and loved their company! The Solly Swaddles became a quick favorite with Brennan and they were so kind to send over their Solly Sleepers and new product the Solly Sleep Sack!

Brennan got to try both and I thought I would compare and contrast them for you!


I actually really loved the two pieces, they were easy to get on and kept her warm with the built in feet.

The football hold has been the way to get Brennan to sleep and that hold is MUCH easier when she’s in footed PJs.

I also love that you can separate them. We are a PJ’s all day household lately, and it’s nice to just let B rock the top and a diaper!

Sleep Sack

I mean, there’s nothing better than a little baby in a gown.

The gown makes diaper changes a breeze, and I like that we can take her feet out at anytime.

It’s extra long so knotting it is super easy.

It has the fold over mittens in the 0-3 size to keep babes from scratching their face, which is a MUST!


They are both a super soft lightweight, which is perfect for these hot island summers.

I love the color palette that’s available and that you can match with a swaddle or wrap! They make the PERFECT gift!

Brennan is two months now the 0-3 Sack fits perfect, she has just now grown out of the Newborn Sleeper! Once she grows out of the gown we’ll be going back! I love anything Solly does!



Thank you Solly Baby for giving these things to Brennan!

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