Let’s Talk Bows…Part 3

Okay guys, it’s that time again, now that I am almost a girl mom of THREE, I thought I would give you my latest and greatest info into the BOW world. You can find Part One here and Part Two here.

I have been a bow collector since Denver was born I first discovered Little Poppy Co. It was such a good place for a new mama to start. I got three bows a month, delivered right to me, it was great. I kept this subscription until recently. After almost three years of 3 bows a month, I started having a lot that I wasn’t in love with, and a lot of just basics. I do LOVE their newborn bow sets, I got a couple of sets for Ray and they are perfect for newborns and are even sweet as the girls grow.




As I looked at my collection I knew I would rather spend the $$ on one bow that I knew I couldn’t live without than on three bows that were chosen for me. I feel like I know almost every bow shop out there, I own a lot of different ones, and I see what they all have to offer on social media and I’ve decided on my favorites. For bows- Wunderkin Co. Formally known as Free Babes Handmade, running out of Denver, Colorado- this used to be small shop, has become MAJOR in the bow world. I used to only shop here for special occasions, collaborations, and must haves. I found myself always reaching for the Wunderkin bows- so now, I’m committed. Their fabrics are BEYOND, the vintage flocked florals, unique patterns, Liberty of Londons, and… the velvets.

Not only are the prints of the bows special, they shapes they offer are my favorites for the girls. The oversized Pinwheels are my favorite on Denver and Ray, and I my new obsession is the Petal for baby girl. I cannot wait to get her into these sweet velvets. I also love the velvet pigtail petals on D and don’t worry, I’m in on the velvet train with scrunchies and clips! I cannot say enough good things about the company, quality of their bows and customer service. I love seeing what Hillary will come up with next the next adventure well go on with Wunderkin.



That brings me to todays giveaway and my other FAVORITE hair accessory for the girls, Ryan + Wren Clips. We might just have every color in the rainbow! Denver wears Ryan and Wren to school everyday, they do the job of holding back her hair while being SO cute! The material options Mary has for this clips is spectacular- from glitter, to velvet to leather, the patterns and textures do not stop. The girls get single clips for pretty much every holiday. They are a staple in Easter Baskets, Halloween goodies and Christmas Stockings. I can’t wait to give Denver the spring set for Easter.

I keep a big jar on one of their shelves and when BOTH girls request bows every morning- they really want a clip! I love mixing the textures like glitter and velvet during the holidays, or even doubling up because- they are just so cute! You get a little discount when you buy the clips insets of 5 (which is SO easy to do) and she has even expanded into some sweet bows and special holiday items. I also love the cards she provides at the holidays- it adds the sweetest touch to any occasion and also makes the cutest Valentines or class gifts. Mary is amazing to work with- my girls are seriously obsessed with these clips!





There are SO many amazing shops out there, but these are my TOP picks in the bow and clip world. They work best for us, and they are too beautiful for words! Head to my Instagram to enter to win $40 in shop credit to Ryan + Wren!

XO, Kelsey

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