21 days

Twenty-one days since the moment we found out we were moving, to the day we got on a plane. Not sure when it will set in- being that it went SO fast.

It’s been a whirlwind but we are officially living on St. Croix! Last week was beyond crazy! Thank goodness my in-laws were in town to help us pack/ watch the kids/ keep us sane. I had started packing boxes when the move was finalized, but 7 years in the house- we accumulated a lot of sh*t. We continued on the packing train all week, constantly running out for more boxes because we like to think we’re minimalist- we are not.

Last Tuesday, Danny and I flew over to STX to get some things finalized- signing the lease, turning on the power, touring Denver’s school, etc. longest day ever, but we got SO much accomplished. Wednesday was “D day” aka everything we owned had to be packed- we were sending 90% of our stuff on a container that takes a few days to ship. It would sail on Thursday and arrive Monday (when we were arriving). The day was crazy and when it was all said and done, everything was gone by 10 pm. The only things left were things we could fit into our cars, (and needed to survive), the crib, the TV, our bed- and that’s about it.

That being said the rest of the week was quite uncomfortable. Nothing to cook with and nothing comfortable to sit on, I was begging Danny to run errands so I could trap the kids in car seats and sit in a comfortable seat. But I was sure I would rather be uncomfortable in our old house than in an unfamiliar new house.

The packing continued, we were all living out of a couple of suitcases and eating out A LOT! Our flights were Monday afternoon so we spent the days packing our vehicles the best we could. The cars sailed over on a different boat yesterday (they were supposed to said Monday, with us, that was our biggest hiccup) so they needed to be packed and ready before we left.

That was it, it felt pretty rushed in the sense I didn’t get to have a lot of the proper goodbyes I would have hoped for, literally if I didn’t run into you- it wasn’t going to happen. But I know we’re still close and the distance of STT to STX and back is really no big deal!

On Monday morning we did a final pack up, dropped our bags at the seaplane and finished loading the car. The dog was taking the two-hour ferry from STT to STX so we dropped him off and loaded onto the seaplane later in the afternoon. We sent the pup on the boat, because it’s a little less traumatic, air conditioned and just more relaxing for him. However, Twenty minutes later, we had arrived, welcome to St. Croix!

On the way to the new house, a truck full of all our stuff followed us there. A couple of guys from Danny’s work unloaded everything in about 30 min and there you have it! We had a new bed delivered for us and we were moved in! I was just thrilled to have a couch to sit on- and honestly couldn’t believe how seamless it was.

And now we are taking it day by day- I haven’t left the house yet (no car seats/ unpacking like crazy.) We found a way to get pizza delivered (kind of unheard of around here), and we will have Internet and television tomorrow. One room left to unpack and it’s time to hang things on the wall!

I’ve put everything else on a bit of a hold, so I’m anxious to get back to a routine and make this ‘normal’.



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