Class Valentines

Making Valentines for Denver’s class was something I was SO excited about! We sent handmade valentines out last year but I always remember doing this as a kid and I am thrilled Denver is finally old enough to participate.

I got the Valentines from The Ever Co they were less that $5 and I just printed them out at Office Max- I got to pick and choose which designs I liked and every kid gets something different. I followed along with the creator of The Ever Co, Amy, on instagram to see how she styled her valentines and added a few more things!

Of course, this is the time I wish I had access to the Target dollar spot and Hobby Lobby, but nothing I can’t accomplish at Walgreens. Some of the Valentines prompted what little gift they should get, like “School would suck without you” is perfect with a sucker and “I’m stuck on you valentine” paired perfect with heart stickers and bandaids. I also added crayons as a gift and each card got a heart balloon for an extra touch.

I used a few different washi tapes to stick everything on, paper clips with ribbon and thats it! The balloons are by Studio Pep and I got them locally at Suga Mama’s Bakery.


For the teachers I used the same Valentines but added a better gift! Coffee, lip balm and chocolates! I just love how they turned out and cannot wait for D to take them to school!

Happy February!

xo, Kelsey

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