What to Wear (Mama + Babe)

I’m not sure if it’s all the buzz about the Marie Kondo Effect, the fact that it’s a New Year, or the fact I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy and nesting like crazy; but I’ve gone on a major home clean out. Literally, every bathroom and kitchen drawer, everything in storage and each item of clothing. After multiple trips to donate everything I could- the simplified feeling has taken over and it’s beyond fantastic.

I waited to go through the girls clothes until we found out if we were having a boy or a girl- that fact being key to how much I could get rid of. I had a couple followers ask me if I am more selective with clothing, bows and accessories for them, now that I am having my third girl; the answer is YES! I have literally saved every single item I have bought or have been given for the girls- almost 5 boxes and two bags of clothing. I will say, the benefit to what I have is that we live in the same climate year round. For us, there is really no such thing as capsule wardrobe or winter clothes that only fit one kid because of seasons. I do have a few cold weather items from traveling, but we’ve always done light layers so they are very versatile.

After the initial clean out, I ended up getting rid of 4 suitcases full of the girls clothes. I know that seems crazy because we are having another girl, but I learned a lot when I saved things for Ray. I carried over all of Denver’s clothing for Ray- and when it came down to it, Ray only wore what I really loved, and of course, she got new stuff too. I ended up with a lot of unworn items and an overload of STUFF. As far as Newborn Clothing– I am very particular because I know what works for me and the babe. My favorites in the very early stages are Candy Kirby Gowns, and basic coveralls from Gap and Old Navy. Requirements- built in mittens and zippers. I’ll suffer through buttons within the first couple weeks, but then the babe is too wiggly and a zipper makes life so much easier.

As they grow and I’m shopping for an older age, I am a FIRM believer in Gap and Old Navy. I love the style of their clothing- things that don’t look “kid” like. I tend to stay away from the cliche onesies that say “mommy loves me”, “my first whatever” etc. I always think to myself, would I wear this? and honestly, most of their clothes I would. The essentials like shorts and t shirts I can get from Gap and Old Navy. They are perfect for everyday at school and won’t break the bank. I also LOVE their PJs, they always have fun holiday themes and the fit is fantastic! Of course, there are the Cat & Jack by Target finds, but that brand doesn’t not ship to me so I get those mostly when we travel.

I am tending to buy more small shop clothing of Denver, now that I know Ray and the new baby will benefit from the purchase, otherwise I wouldn’t spend the money (they grow too fast). Some of my favorite small shops are June & January, Alice & Ames, The Ever Co, and so many more! (I tag all the shops on Instagram so stay tuned there!)

*I keep the sizes they are currently wearing in their dresser and closet and store everything else by size in plastic bins. This makes it easy to find when they grow and are ready to size up. I keep an accessible bin in the bottom of their closet for things that have gotten too small, this way I don’t have to access the storage all the time. 

*Another storage trick I use is for their holiday gear. I keep the Christmas PJs, Easter outfits, etc. packed away with the specified decorations. More likely or not, someone will fit in the gear at the time of the Holiday. That way they are accessible when the holiday comes. I’ve found if Halloween PJs are kept with their size, I might forget and not be able to use them. I also keep the holiday outfits they’ve grown out of in the same holiday box. I plan to make a Christmas quilt out of all their Christmas PJs and special Holiday dresses when they are older- so I like them all together. 

Moving on to bows. My bow style has definitely evolved. You can see all my favorite shops in this post and this one. Since then, I have cancelled my subscription to Little Poppy Co. Two+ years for getting three bows a month built my collection and then some. I found my self getting a lot of the same colors and I no longer wanted the style of the bow decided for me. Three years of bows and bow styles, I now know what companies and styles I love, and I’d rather spend a little more and choose a special bow I love.

*Favorite part of buying bows, the girls NEVER grow out of them (until they refuse to wear them, but I figure I’ve got some time on that!)

I will do another bow post, but my top choices right now are Wunderkin Co Bows, Ryan and Wren clips and Fancy Free Finery felt flowers. These are the highest quality, genuine companies and I just LOVE the way they look on the girls.

Accessories are easy- a few Hooray Everyday Necklaces, Freshly Picked and Old Navy shoes- thats it!

Now, I can’t forget about me. Being so specific for the girls, I owe it to myself to do the same for my clothes. My wardrobe has gone by the way side over the years. I am living the full blown ‘mom style’ and I barely buy things for myself. Especially because I have either been pregnant or nursing since 2015. (woah). I rarely invest in maternity clothes and always end up regretting it. BUT, third pregnancy the charm, Pink Blush sent me this adorable yellow maternity dress, and it was officially easy to get dressed to leave the house. I am so in love with the stretch, fit and material of this sweet dress. The yellow is so different and the ribbed material makes a dress a little more casual for my life style. I’ll keep the mom bun, change out the earrings and basically live in this dress for the next couple months. I also love Pink Blush because all the options they offer. I can wear this dress after the baby is born, and dabble in their nursing gear, I can’t wait! Now off to browse the site for the perfect Maternity photo dress and Hospital robe! Thank you Pink Blush- I can’t wait to try more of your stuff!


xo, Kelsey

*this post was sponsored by Pink Blush, I was gifted this dress by the company.

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