Christmas 2018

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and the holiday hangover isn’t too rough! Christmas at our house was just as magical as I hoped! The girls were thrilled to see what Santa brought- and watching them run around in matching PJ’s in pure joy, was all I needed!

We kicked off the weekend seeing Santa Ana telling him our wishlist!

Danny and I spent Christmas Eve watching A Christmas Story and the Broncos game, assembling their toy kitchen and putting final touches on their doll house. We filled the stocking and set everything up to be the most magical morning!

The normal 630 wake up was filled with joy. Santa fulfilled our wishlist this year and we are so thankful! Now my living room looks like a toy store but what are you gonna do 🤣. Here are a few snap shots from our day!

Now we lay around the house and enjoy the time warp between Christmas and New Years! Happy holidays everyone!



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