Makin’ and Bakin’ {Gingerbread Houses}

This month I went without my usual Baking with a Buzz and instead did Makin’ and Bakin’ with Denver. Held by Suga Mama’s Bakery, it’s the same concept, minus the booze add the kid! Denver and I were so excited for this class, to make a gingerbread house reink got chocolate and eat ALL the candy!

We arrived and Denver was more interested in the awesome playhouse inside the bakery, which honestly was fine by me, I was secretly dying to do the house on my own!

Alexis has everything we needed from the house already built, to candy canes and gumdrops… sugar heaven!

After every step I asked Denver to join me and she finally did when it was time for the gumdrop roof and sprinkles to finish!

So much fun, and so much sugar…

Of course, I had to pick up more Sweetapolita sprinkles while I was there to add holly, gold ornaments and a snow covered path! Thank you again Alexis, what a magical thing to do with D!



and then she crashed…

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