Irma, Isaac and Florence. Oh My!

We just passed the one year anniversary of Hurricane Irma. It was honestly a reallllllly hard day. I don’t know why. It’s not like I was going to wake up on September 6th 2018 to another category 5 hurricane, at least I hoped not. When I thought about posting about Irma on Social Media or writing about it here, I got sick to my stomach. So I tried really hard to avoid it- but it was impossible. Danny and I found ourselves watching our storm videos, looking at photos and reliving the day- I don’t suggest it.

But I needed to get my mind right, there is no use in reminiscing about the catastrophe storm from last year, especially when we were watching three storms starting to spin off Africa. At this point, today, we have Tropical Storm Issac coming for us. We’re ready, we’re ready for more that a tropical storm. My main concern is Florence. Of course, she’s not coming for us, but headed straight for Wilmington, North Carolina.

I think of Wilmington as my second paradise. Not only is it where half my family lives, but it’s the place danny and I met and fell in love. It’s our city, and I’m cringing as I watch another mean storm threaten another place (and people) I love. Mother Nature, please don’t make me write a Dear Wilmington letter…

It’s so weird to be watching all the hurricane news and not be involved, it’s hard to be grateful when there’s still a storm, and it’s still threatening my family and friends. Can’t we catch a break?

I gave lots of unprompted advice to everyone I could, I hope now that they are as lucky as we were (yes I consider us lucky) and come out of this with little damage and everyone safe.

I’m off to stare at the weather channel.

This photo was taken exactly six years ago, three days before we moved to St Thomas.



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