Denver turns TWO

With Denver’s obsession with Trolls the past couple of months, I decided to do a trolls inspired celebration! When I started planing, I honestly didn’t know where we would be, if we would have a party, etc. so I went really simple and got D a special outfit, balloons and baked a rainbow cake!

Danny and I stayed up late the night before setting up her rainbow balloon arch and Danny had put together an adorable play house and mini trampoline on the back porch for her.

When she woke up, we put her in her special outfit bright and early and showed her all her surprises. She LOVES balloons so those kept her happy all day long. I baked rainbow pancakes for breakfast, we played outside and finished the day at the beach. It was a perfect day for her!


I always have fun planning things for her and it was so special to see her so happy all day!


dress / tights / party hat / necklace / hooray headband



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