Holiday Gift Guide 

E52E41DF-F11A-443E-BEF4-21F0B903C3D2This year I want to keep it simple when it comes to gifts for the girls. Let’s face it, there’s so many adorable things out there, I can get a little out of control with presents. And, now that there are TWO of them, I want to have a little guideline.

I’m going to do a gift from 5 categories (no hurricane pun intended, oops). Something they WANT, NEED, WEAR & READ plus an ornamet for each girl! Most the things I chose for the girls I’ve wanted for them for a while and Christmas is the perfect time to spoil them. I didn’t take advantage of Black Friday/ cyber Monday because honestly I can’t handle the stress (plus my WiFi isn’t strong enough).


For Denver:  I’m thinking a tablet of some sort. Something she can watch movies and play games on for traveling. I’ve been constantly using my iPad Pro for her to watch movies on while we’ve been traveling, and it’s way too big and breakable for my one year old. I’m going to look into an iPad mini or an Amazon tablet. Of course she’ll need the childproof case to go along with it! I would also love to get her a Solly Dolly, a wrap just for her so she can carry her babies like I carry Ray. For her stocking I found these stackable crayons I know she’ll love and some troll goodies she’ll never put down! Instead of a tablet I found this awesome magnetic drawing board I know she’ll LOVE, plus she can draw with no mess and it travels well! Yay!

For Ray: I know all she wants is personal space, but since she’s SOL in that department, I’m thinking a beautiful Candy Kirby Designs Doll. They are so gorgeous and all have a BOW! She sells them on her website and is now featured in Nordstrom! (Love when small shops make it big! Congratulations) She’s having big Black Friday sales and releasing new celebration dolls soon!! I ended up choosing a blush and white stripe Candy Kirby blanket for Ray. It matches a knotted gown she has and the fabric is SO yummy! Snagged it on her Pink Wednesday sale!


For Denver: rain boots. Specifically, pink, Hunter rain boots. Because, hurricanes.

For Ray: What does a 3 month old really need that is appropriate to wrap? Can I just put a bow on my boob and call it a day? Or stuff her stocking with Pampers?

She has officially entered the drool stage, so a snazzy bib is in order. I love this one from Madly Wish with the place to attach a teether or toy. And I’ll have to get a sweet bannor toy teether to attach. They have a Christmas tree I love and the option to engrave! Once the babe is done teething it would make a perfect keepsake ornament!


For Denver: Being in the states for some time, in cold fall weather, the girls have gotten some pretty adorable things, so maybe a new swimsuit is just the thing D needs, I always love the ones from Gap. And some Ryan & Wren velvet clips for her stocking. They are BEYOND fabulous, I may or may not get a set for my self.

For Ray:  I never have trouble finding something cute for this little girl. Briar Handmade just released more bonnets and I’m spying some Rifle Paper Co. fabric, something I can’t turn down. For her stocking, the Fancy Free Finery white berry cluster is so gorgeous. They girls wore FFF flowers at my sister in laws wedding (post about the wedding coming soon) and they were so beautifully made I can’t resist adding to the collection. The berries are great for the holidays, but the white can be worn year round.


For Denver: I found this book at Anthropologie, I loved how magical and Christmasy it looks (don’t judge me, I judge a book by its cover).

For Ray: I found this pattern book, can’t wait to get a peek inside, I think it will be perfect for her!

**The girls lost all of their story books in the hurricane. Most of which were written in from loved ones, mine as a child, or family favorites. I am so sad that we are starting their collection from scratch, but there’s no better opportunity than Christmas to get it going again. I created an Amazon wishlist of some of the girls favorites and others I know they love. That way, when Santa (or grandma) needs a little help, they know exactly where to go.


For Denver: I want to get her something relative to the year we’ve had, something to represent becoming a big sister or the cat 5 hurricane she went through. It was a big year, maybe she deserves two! Kinda love this umbrella one from Anthro.

For Ray: I chose a “baby’s first Christmas” snow globe ornament on Anthropologie. The globe & poms spoke to me, I couldn’t resist. (It’s sold out but here’s a similar style, I also love this one from The Land Of Nod)

Christmas shopping is seriously my favorite and refraining my self is almost impossible, especially as Denver gets old enough to appreciate what’s happening!

I really enjoyed choosing from categories and having few special things, daddy on the other hand went big for the girls this year! You’ll see!

Xo, Santa, I mean Kelsey

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