Keepin’ it Clean

These days, nesting and cleaning my house is not only my cardio, it’s an everyday affair. Keeping your home clean in the Virgin Islands can be quite a task, (mold, dust, heat-you name it, we have it), now, add a toddler on top of that and it becomes NON stop! Let me tell you something too, no one says how difficult ‘pregnant nesting’ is with a 1.5 year old. You organize a drawer, the contents are sprawled out on the floor in seconds, you wash your windows – finger prints, etc… you get the idea.

On top of wanting the keep the house as clean as humanly possible, I really did not want to have a ton of chemicals around. First of all, everything I’m cleaning, Denver is touching, and I’m breathing everything in. My great friends Trish and Kyndra introduced me to Better Life cleaning products. They sell all their products through their local company Clean Solutions 340. Not only do their products clean everything with ease, they smell amazing and give me the peace of mind I need.

I started by using their nursery cleaner, specifically to be used around babes. I was using it on everything, I could spray Denver’s high chair and wipe it clean, or wipe down the blinds in her nursery and not worry about the whole room smelling like chemicals. Then, I kept buying, the laundry detergent, the natural cleaning wipes, the all purpose cleaner, and my newest obsession, the dish soap. I never felt good cleaning sippy cups and her food tray with these strong dish cleaners, but with Better Life, it just smells natural!


I really love a product that is good for my family, locally provided and, let’s be honest, looks great (I’m always a sucker for beautiful packaging). Added bonus, these lovely ladies not only provide these products, they’ll use them on your home so you don’t have to! Check them out on Facebook @CleanSolutions340 and if you’re local to St. Thomas, you can get their products at Cup & Cork!

Off to scrub my kitchen floors – happy weekend!

xo, Kelsey

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