35 week update

T minus ONE MONTH until baby girl is born and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Everything is flowing easier this time around, I’m not nervous at all and feel like I’m preparing Denver (My first born) more than anything. D spent her first night in her big girl bed last night and I am one proud mama. Perfect timing for the crib to be ready for baby girl.

We had a doctors visit on Friday and we are finally at the point where we get all kinds on information. Baby is already head down and I am 1.5 cm dilated already. Sounds crazy, but this is how much I was dilated with Denver at this point and she came right on time. But nothing like a couple centimeters to make you pack that hospital bag!

Lots of things happening in the next couple of weeks, today a little baby brunch with my girlfriends, next weekend maternity photos and lots of nesting in between!



Flamingo / onesie / bow / letterboard / wrap

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