Taylor Swift Eras {in candy}

When the Eras tour kicked off in March the FOMO was real and knew I wanted to do something for the Eras. I am still not giving up hope on the show, but until then, I wanted to design a candy board for each of Taylor’s albums. I first reached out to my girls, Royally Iced for cookies, Soiree Macarons and The Sweet Story Line for lollipops. They agreed to my crazy idea, so I created mood boards for each album and they began creating.

I sourced candies for each album and used a lot of what I had.

So, Are you Ready for it?

Taylor Swift: Debut

I focused on her roots of butterflies and daisies, used blues and greens and created a piano out of wafers and KitKats. The record lollipop to represent her first record was perfect.


All the golden hues, iconic heart hands 🫶 and stars for Fearless. LOVE the gilded lemon Oreos inth is one.

Speak Now

I started with the purple board and added all the purple candies. I love the Purple Heart dish to hold the logo and Taylor’s version cookies. The dark cherries and little perfume bottle and EVERYTHING.


This one might be my favorite. The cookies and the lollipop were beyond perfect. I added chocolate covered strawberries, lip candies and red licorice to resemble a scarf for All Too Well.


The little cloud dish was a perfect addition and represented the album cover. I adde red lip candy for Style, pink Cadillacs and cupcakes because it was the year she was born. I finished the board with a statue of liberty stir stick to represent Welcome to New York.


This X shaped board was the reason this entire project started. The “X marks the spot” line from Get Away Car had to be represented. I kept the entire board dark with candy coal, dark chocolate and finished with a snake lolli and logo cookie. Becasue the board was small I added spicy honey and dark green jelly beans on the side and of course a candy car.


This one was totally my vibe. Give me all the pinks and rainbows. I used sour rings to represent Paper Rings, The rainbows for You Need to Calm Down and ME! The bubble gum and whipped cream felt very Lover. P.S. The Lover cookie is a recreations of one she had when the album released.


For Folklore I focused on her Wildflower Grammy Dress the silvers of Mirror Ball and the rustic elements of the album cover. The jelly beans are s’mores flavor!


All the rustic vibes for this one, rock candy, gilded dried oranges and evergreen jelly beans. Served with Champagne Problems.


I had so much fun with this one, I started with a gem stone board, I used crescent moon plate, a mood pie, bright blue candies for her Midnight dress, peach gems for Bejeweled, lavender marshmallows for Lavender Haze and a pop of orange for Karma.

HUGE thank you to the ladies apart of this project, you really made it come to life! All garlands are from Pearl & Jane use KELSEY10 for 10% off.



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