Chocolate Truffle Class Valentines

Y’all, I am obsessed with this idea. I have always had an obsession with a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it’s so Iconic. I did a chocolate tag collaboration with Lauren Glass this year and last year a fun chocolate box Advent calendar.

Last year for the girls classes I did pencils, which was so fun and easy. On a Home Goods run I found these mini cupcake lines for $4 a bought them just because. I thought this would be the perfect way use them. I created mini surprise balls for each kid in the class, and made them look like a chocolate. Best part, everything I bought on Amazon.

I started with a heart eraser and began wrapping the crepe paper. I ordered a few colors but this brown one is best because it is the same on both sides and it came with a lot. I can make about 7 chocolates out of one roll that pack comes with four rolls. When you wrap the paper, fold it in half long ways to not have edges. I rolled for a while then added a sticker, then a little more and added a temporary tattoo.

Once the chocolates are done you can seal with a glue stick or double sided tape, I garnished with some confetti and glued into the cupcake liner. I added a little flag that says love, Denver and that there are 3 little prizes inside.

They are a bit time consuming, but I know the kids are going to have a blast opening them up- it really gives a whole new meaning to “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get“.

Here is my shopping list for all the supplies and you can watch my how to HERE.

Tag me if you make them, I cannot wait to see!


Kelsey Klos

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