Spring at the Silos

A few months ago my small shop friend Whitney reached out to me to join her in Waco, Texas to help her with her booth at Spring at the Silos. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have been watching Chip and Joanna gains since I was young, lusting over Spring at the Silos on social every year and shopping with Magnolia since I can remember! What a DREAM. I (chatted with Danny) and immediately said yes!

Whitney is the owner of Madly Wish, a small shop that specializes in Linen. I have been shopping with her since before Ray was born and cherish every piece I own. First let’s take a moment to acknowledge the incredible honor to be selected as a vendor at this event. There were no more that 40ish vendors so for your shop to be one of them- GOALS.



I flew in to DFW on Wednesday afternoon, and had the one and only Miranda of Chalk Designs by Me scoop me from the airport. As soon as I knew I was coming to Texas, she was my first call! We did a mini road trip as we headed to Waco, stopped for fried chicken biscuits + coffee, then headed to the Czech spot for cream cheese kolaches. We finally made it to Waco and set up the Madly Wish booth. Miranda was a staple and I forced her to put her hand letting to good use!

We headed to Miranda’s Hotel which was right in the mix of everything. I highly suggest staying at the Pivovar if you are headed to the Silos. It is right in the middle so you do not need to worry about parking or driving. It’s a boutique hotel with a restaurant, live music and they brew their own beer! We ate at the hotel that night with Whitney and had the best time chatting all the things. I highly suggest the truffle gnocchi and definitely request Angel as your server.

Miranda and I had a little slumber party with a flight of canned wine and may or may not have gotten in trouble with our neighbors for talking too loud.

Thursday | Day ONE


Every day starts at Magnolia Press, the cutest little coffee shop, with all the danishes and coffee you could imagine! Day one, the 1905 {house latte infused with toasted marshmallow and vanilla}. Then, we worked! Chatted, sold, mingled so much fun!

Pleasant surprise, I was chatting with a customer and double glanced at a familiar face. Little did I know, it was Kate of @kiss.you.kate I made friends with Kate on IG back in 2019 – it was surreal to meet her and her daughter!

Lunch was an amazing burger from the Di Campli’s food tuck. By surprise it was a caprese burger with basil and balsamic- paired with an Alabama Sweet Tea. They sold their unique tea recipe in giant mason jars and EVERYONE had one, Whitney and I had to join the party!

Thursday afternoon, Miranda had to head home, but my MOM flew in! There is no one I would have rather done the Silos with than my mom! She shopped around a bit while the weather was nice then headed to Hecho in Waco, a little Mexican restaurant down the street. A long first day needed to end with fish tacos and margs.

Friday | Day Two


hmmmm, how do I describe day two in one word, how about COLD. It was about 37 degrees, windy and rainy. OMG. The struggle was real- just to keep warm. Whitneys husband, Chris went out and got us gloves and hand warmers, I bought us Silos sweatshirts!

It was pretty slow all day so Mom and I went in and out of Magnolia stores, drank lots of warm beverages and counted down the hours. For lunch, lobster bisque and lobster grilled cheese from the Maine Lobster food truck. Whitney let me bust off an couple hours early and mom and I snuck off to The Findery for wine. Literally no amount of wine was warming me up- I was freezing for 2 days. We got the wine flight and gouda potato chips at the bar then headed to Pivovar for dinner. We sat at the bar had champagne and chatted till it was time to go. We took home a bottle of wine and watched A Star is Born over chocolate truffles.

Saturday | Day Three


Whitney and I arrived at the silos an hour early and had Almond Lattes, and blueberry lemon cinnamon rolls from Press. We headed to the field where they were filming the Drew Barrymore Show. We participated in the fake applause and laughter, but didn’t quite catch Drew or Joanna! Headed to the booth and had a full day of fun! The weather was perfect and the crowd was great. It was the last day so we sent Chris out to get Texas Brisket and DIY Arnold Palmers. We shopped all the other vendors and got all the little trinkets to take home for us, and the kids! 6pm it was time to pack everything up! Breakdown was a lot faster then set up and it was sad to say goodbye.

Mom and I headed to Di Campli’s restaurant up the street for some Italian, then took dessert to the hotel! What a SERIOUSLY amazing and inspiring trip. I miss it TAKE ME BACK.

Here’s What I LOVED

It’s not Spring at the Silos without a little shopping: Silos Staples –

Gigi Pip Hat – this was a staple, EVERYONE was rocking a new hat

Silos Sweatshirt – bought this to keep warm, been wearing it ever since

Nomad Earrings – scored tiny cold hoops and a knuckle ring, obsessed.

Imani Ornaments – took these home for the girls, they are so cute!

Play Crown– A little biased, but the most whimsical item at the Silos



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