LUCKY Rainbow Snack Board

Who remembers the milk and cookie board I did last year? It was my MOST popular post on the gram in 10 years, so safe to say I had to take another stab at the rainbow goodness. I have made it popular to take images all the way across my feed, because it looks FAB. This year, I went for a rainbow board and I am obsessed. I actually did a similar savory board for Denver’s birthday back in 2019, but this time I used mostly sweets!

I called up my girls Royally Iced + Soiree Macarons to create cookies in each color way but yellow being GOLD and green having a touch of St. Patrick’s Day. I added in all my candy from Ellie + Piper Co and added in some other colorful items like veggie chips, yogurt pretzels and marcona almonds. My Anthropologie nut bowls added the saturation I needed throughout the board and made it easy to build around. I LOVE how colorful this is and would make such a fun addition at any party!



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