Inspiration {Ray’s Third Birthday}

I’ve always had a thing for beach balls. They are so graphic and iconic of summer. Ray’s turns three in August so I figured giving her the classic pool party was in order.

I started with the ball of course, and found some amazing napkins that were must haves for this party, I may or may not have 4 different napkins.

As the theme evolved it started to lean more into a palm springs esthetic. I have always loved the idea of Palm Springs. The hot desert, champagne, yellow and white cabanas, pool boys… you get it.

I kept pinning, saving and researching and merged the themes. Here is a peek at my mood board, and color palette. I did something different this party and laid out the table scape, you can see a sneak peek in the bottom right corner.



As you know I also pin and save like crazy so here is a peek inside of those boards. You can check out my Pinterest board here.



I can’t wait for this party to come to life! Thank you for following along with my inspiration and of course stay tuned on Instagram for behind the scenes.

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