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We recently got our first Literati Subscription Box, and it is beyond AMAZING. A beautiful blue box arrives on your doorstep filled with books,  imagination, and magic. The box is curated for your childs age ranging anywhere from 0-12 years old. When the box of five books arrives, pick your favorites and send back the rest.

You only pay for the books you love and the subscription is less than $10! The girls and I just opened our May box and I am BEYOND thrilled. We are in the Club Sprout for ages 3-5, which is great for the big girls right now!

Our favorite is The Diver, about a little girl and a penny in Italy, the illustrations are off the charts and not only is the story so sweet, but the cover is AMAZING and I cannot wait to add it to the girls book shelves.



Some other cool things, these books end up costing LESS than if you were to buy them on Amazon. Literati has brand specific titles catered to them and when you are ready to send any back, they prepaid label is included in the package. Brand new books and stories without leaving the house!

Check them out!!



This is a #sponsored post and I was gifted these subscription. All opinions are my own.

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