Party Closet Reveal {with Shop Sweet Lulu}

When we moved into our new house in California, I was so excited to find this closet. We rented without having seen the house in person, so I thought I was just storage. When I opened this closet and saw it had built in’s, a desk, a light and plug- I knew it had to be my Closet Office. A place for my files, computer and work things- and of course, ALL my party ware.

I have grown quite a collection over the past couple of years and it used to all live under Brennan’s crib, but everything is SO beautiful it deserves to be shown off. Now that I have been shooting flat lays and lots of party content, having easy access is a must. I had most of the party stuff organized but it quickly became a collection spot for all my JUNK.

I reached out to Shop Sweet Lulu, who not only sells party ware but has a growing collection of home goods, including the most adorable baskets. They sent over two of their medium sized crates and a gorgeous woven pom pom basket. As soon as they arrived I got to organizing. I wanted to use one of the crates for paper work, bills I had paid, checks I needed to file, etc (you know, the boring stuff). But, I wanted to make sure one of the crates was for PLAY- pom poms, pretty cups, party hats, all the extra things I just didn’t have a place for yet. (Mainly because my husband wasn’t letting the pom poms fly on the mantle.)


The crates stacked PERFECTLY and the shades of green popped so well against the white. Miranda over at Chalk Designs by Me even sent over a “WORK” and “PLAY” tag, because everything looks better with a tag. Then of course the pom basket became the perfect catch all, for everything that needs to be on your desk but no one wants to look at.

The rest of the closet is equipped with all my wrapping supplies, work things, schedules and even a stack of plates that looks like a cake. Of course I have my party Chatbooks to glance at for inspiration every once in a while.

It is seriously my HAPPY PLACE. I love it so much, thank you Shop Sweet Lulu for making it even more beautiful and organized. Make sure to head to my Instagram to see inside in my stories!

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