Goodbye VI

I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to the Virgin Islands today. After eight years, a wedding, three babies, new islands and a few hurricanes, we grew up here and it is so hard to say goodbye.

Of course, there are not enough words to describe what we’ve done on these islands and how much joy it has brought us. We will always look back and miss the people, the culture, the water and so much more. I am so proud to call my girls Island babies and we will forever have a deep connection to the Virgin Islands.

I wrote a little something after hurricane Irma that I feel like tells it all HERE.

BUT, we are SO excited for this next adventure and cannot wait to explore San Fransisco with the little family of ours. When I knew we were leaving I wanted one last shoot on the beach! A few shots that caught the girls at this age, running in the sand and playing with their daddy and added bonus that their grandparents were visiting one last time! My girl Meredith did a little sunset shoot with us at Tamarind Beach and it was absolutely perfect! Denver did not stop running, Ray was the sweetest little beach baby, the boys had their cocktails and Brennan ate all the sand!

The Klos Family - Tamarind ReefThe Klos Family - Tamarind Reef

The Klos Family - Tamarind Reef

The Klos Family - Tamarind Reef

The Klos Family - Tamarind Reef

I am so in love with these photos- you bet believe I am covering my California walls with them and will always be reminiscing on our life in paradise.

Thank you for taking care of us Virgin Islands!



Photography Meredith Zimmerman | Girls Bows Wunderkin

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