Bottle Brush Rainbow

Yes, Christmas in October is a thing, ’cause a girl needs to PLAN! So let me start from the beginning…

I have started to plan Denver’s 4th birthday in December, if you are new here check out her Land Of Sweets party from last year. When I asked D what kind of party she wanted this year, she kept naming colors, so I suggested a rainbow birthday. Obviously, she was on board, but I felt a little stumped. I always want to do something I’ve never seen- which these days is near impossible! So thinking about the rainbow, I decided to put a Christmas twist on the party again this year. It was so great last year to kick off the holiday season with her birthday party and having a hint of Christmas makes it that much more magical!

So, that leads me to a rainbow of bottle brush trees…

Here are a couple inspiration photos that I am working from, I want them to make a statement, be fun and bright. (I will show you more party inspiration later!)


A Beautiful Mess | Studio DIY | Candy Kirby Designs | Instagram | House that Built Lars

I went to my Instagram community to find out where I can get these gorgeous colorful trees, here’s what I found out!

Sisal Trees.jpg

1. Hobby Lobby

I saw the bottle brush rainbow queen, Candy Kirby, shopping at Hobby Lobby on insta, so I immediately sent my mama on a hunt for these trees on SUPER SALE! This is where I got the bulk of my collection. The colors are saturated and beautiful!

2. Love of Character

It was my conversation with this awesome party shop that got some ideas flowing. They carry all types of trees from amazing designers like Glitterville and Cody Foster. You can even get a box set, so you can get the entire rainbow one and done! Not only do they sell the tress you need but everything else party related! Keep an eye out, their entire Christmas collection to release at the end of the month, it’s gonna be SO GOOD!

3. Pink Antlers Studio

Another great little shop with the best holiday decor! I found them through Jessica Garvin last Christmas and have been following ever since! Their Christmas collection is now live and it’s so good. They have all the Glitterville trees of course, but I love their sets of different sizes in a monochromatic tone. PLUS, this year they have amazing glass trees which would be so fun to kms in!

4. Anthropologie

Their bottle brush trees are in the Terrain shop this year. The color pallet is not as extensive as usual, but they still have some beautiful options to add to the collection.

5. Amazon

When in doubt, you can Amazon Prime it! I have found some cool Cody Foster trees on Amazon. This is also a good place to find solid white ones, if you want to take on dying your own trees!

6. The Holiday Barn

I stumbled upon this shop and they have the cutest sets of ombre trees! I love how unique they are and it’s even better that they come in sets! I am totally snagging the color combo pictured- they would be adorable on their own, or included in the rainbow!

7. Witty Bash

Y’all, fuzzy trees, these are so different and fun! I feline they would add amazing texture and whimsy to a rainbow of trees! They also carry Glitterville and Monochromatic color sets in the traditional bottle brush trees.

8. DIY 

In more research, I found a great way to dye your own if there’s a color you need but can’t find. This is also a good way to have even MORE trees, especially tiny ones to fill in gaps! Here is the DIY over on The House that Built Lars.

I hope this helps you fins what you are looking for and makes your holidays colorful… now back to Halloween!

XO, Kelsey

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