Half Baked {20 week bump date}

Well, I am half way through my THIRD pregnancy. Honestly It feels like its going by pretty slow. We knew this little girl was on her way as soon as she was conceived, so really we’ve known all 5 months- which was not the case for Denver and Ray.

Now that I am finally showing and have a bump that actually looks like a baby and not too many tacos- I am finally documenting a bit! I feel really bad because with the other girls I was really on top of logging my weekly bump progress in photos and actually writing it down. Number three is a different story (rightfully so)- Ive only written down when I’m really sick or visiting the doctor- not a single belly pic, until now.

I thought these Hatch Gal belly tattoos were SO cute and the ‘Half Baked’ one is my favorite! I have entered that beautiful time in my pregnancy where I want everything to be cleaned out and perfect- which is right on par with the ‘January clean out’. I spent the last week PURGING every item of clothing, junk drawers, paperwork, etc. and it feels AMAZING! This week Ill finish our closet and the kitchen!

Over the weekend I went through all the girls clothes, which I was waiting to do until we found out the gender. I have literally kept every item they’ve owned- I will write about what I kept and why I am more selective with baby number 3! Anyway- getting almost 10,000 photos off my phone as another simplicity tactic! Happy Sunday!

Suit top from Raisins Swim



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