Baby #3 and Thanksgiving

Well, the oven wasn’t the only thing baking away this weekend, we are expecting baby #3 in early June! Now that I am a little over three months and out of my first trimester, we are so excited to share the news! I’ve been a little quiet here and on social media, because it’s impossible to keep a secret and to think of anything else!

We found out very early with this one, I was only 3 weeks along when the test came back positive! When the initial “oh shit” reaction died down, the excitement set in! The past couple of months have been pretty rough on me- I’ve been sick every other week which is not what I am used to. Denver and Ray were both a breeze so we’re thinking we might be expecting a boy!

We won’t know the gender until mid January but chose to share our news right before Thanksgiving! I thought it would be cute to announce with a little table scape, so I hit up the Magnolia line at Target and for everything I needed! Added some gorgeous Studio Pep confetti and had Modern Birch make custom wood name cards.

The girls are very excited! I think Denver kind of understands what’s happening and Ray is infatuated with babies! I’m so excited to add another Klos to our growing family! Thank you all who reached out, it means the world to us!

p.s. how cute are their Thanksgiving outfits by Swanky Shank!? They are SO cute and handmade #swoon

We continued the celebration right in to Thanksgiving! We stayed home in comfy clothes while Danny cooked his thanksgiving feast! I started the day with cinnamon roll turkeys and made Nene’s cinnamon apples which were always one of my favorites!

The girls and I watched the parade, they spent the day playing and napping and we ate ALL the good stuff- now the pies are baking and we’re ready for an early bedtime! I made an apple pie at Suga Mama’s Bakery Baking with a Buzz, so I’m very excited about that one!

I hope every one had the happiest Thanksgiving ❤️



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