Screen Time {Kidlo for the WIN}

“I’m never going to let my kids watch TV”

“I will not be that mom with a tablet at the dinner table”

“My kids will never have devices”

A few phrases I thought to myself before having kids- boy was I wrong.

Now, with two children I am, and proud to say, a screen mom. At first it was purely for survival. If I needed to nurse Ray, calm Denver down on a plane, or have a hot meal, Netflix it is. As Denver gets older, movies and cartoons only distract her so much. She needs something interactive and challenging. I struggled to find something both her and I like that not only distracted her but that was fun. Super added bonus, if she was learning something.

A couple of months ago Kidlo reached out to me to try some of their games and learning apps. We’re ALL obsessed. They have an array of different apps and learning games that cater to the age group of your child. I really love that Denver can start small and the app can grow with her and her level of learning. The first day she tired the apps out, I was immediately impressed with what she could do- matching colors, tracing letters, and problem solving.

A couple of my favorite features are when she get the answers right or completes a task it celebrates her with confetti. The other best part is when it’s loading it gives her something fun to click while she waits- nothing is worse than waiting for something to download.

When she comes home from school she gets an hour to play her game, it keeps her learning and the transition from school to home is a little easier. She doesn’t just come home and flop on the couch.

Mamas looking for great games to have in your pocket-these are it. Yes, I said pocket! Download on your phone for an unprepared, break down emergency. Been there.

Netflix and shows have gone on the back burner, and we turn to Kidlo first. My fear of flying with the girls has lessened because I know of a sure fire way to distract them. Thank you Kidlo for these amazing games my family loves so much!

These are the four we have downloaded and love. Download them now!

For iOS:

1) KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes

2) Baby Puzzles & Toddler Games

3) English Learning for Kids

4) Kindergarten Kids Math Games

For Android:

1) Kindergarten Kids Math Games

2) KidloLand: kids Nursery Rhymes

3) English learning for kids

4)Baby Puzzles & Toddler Games



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