Off To School

Omg my baby girl is starting school 😭😭😭.

We had planned to get Denver started in a learning program when she turned two (it’s very popular here on St. Thomas to start them early). The school she was planning to attend suffered hurricane damage so our January plan got pushed back. We finally got her on the list for the two summer school sessions so she’ll slide right in come fall.

I’m so excited for her to learn, grow and make new friends- but I’m SO not prepared for this. It’s crazy to think her and I have been together EVERYDAY since she was born. Our slow mornings, daily outings and couch naps are about to come to an abrupt ending.

I know I’ll be the one in tears Monday morning and I can’t imagine what poor Ray will think. Her buddy will be gone, but she’ll have mama all to herself.

We dropped her off with very few tears and she’s fitting right in… I’ll be on the couch eating Oreos and staring at her photos for the day.

Denver’s outfit is from Gap and her PERFECT pencil bow is from Justella Handmade. I’m completely obsessed with it! And the maker is beyond amazing- she made sure it got to me just in time for the first day! (Of course we switched to a clip on the way in- we’ll see if it makes it home).

p.s. I’m totally swooning over this little pink school 😍



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