Baking with a Buzz

Last night, a couple girlfriends and I had a little Galantines celebration at Baking with a Buzz. A local bakery, Suga Mamas Bakery, holds classes and teach you how to decorate a cake; like really decorate, Food Network style. Added bonus, there’s booze!

I have been SO excited for this class, and it did not disappoint. We all met at the bakery for a 6-9 class, I brought the wine, of course, and the fun began. Our cakes were already baked in our chosen flavors. The owner, Alexis, walked us through each step, helping each of us along the way. (Added bonus she brought her 2 month old baby girl). We got to choose any filling for our cake and had creative freedom to decorate. (Cue the Pinterest research).

The rosè was flowing and there was frosting, glitter and sprinkles EVERYWHERE. Everyone’s cakes turned out amazing (I absolutely love mine) and bonus, you get to take the cake home! Danny was waiting patiently with a fork in his hand when I arrived.

What a fun way to spend an evening, cannot wait to do this again!

Here are a some shots of what the group came up with, they all turns out gorgeous.

Xoxo, the next food network star, Kelsey

(Chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling, it won’t last long)

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